Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome little birds

It has rained for two days straight. Our yard is a mess of snow and mud and dirty grass. 
But if one thing could brighten up this dingy yard it is the beautiful little Goldfinch. These guys arrived this morning and kept Audrey very amused.
I can't tell you how exciting it was to see them again.
Darling little birds.
Cute as can be.
Snacking on seed, suet and apples.

The males are a brilliant yellow with a bit of black and white and the females more of a brown shade.
There must have been 50 of them teasing the heck out of  the poor cats.
With a deep breath, I do believe Spring is here.

We were in Perth yesterday and ducked in to a little coffee-shop to escape the rain.
It is nestled inside Code's Mill which at one time was a tannery and textile mill.

It is so beautiful inside it takes your breath away.

Those who have followed along for awhile now might remember that it was upstairs at Codes Mill that we held a wedding reception for my son, John and his wife, Brittany.
They were married in the park across the road on a beautiful June day in 2011.
They will soon be celebrating their 3rd anniversary. :)
How time flies!

Since everyone is spring cleaning and organizing I have a little
Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^=Organizing kitties stuff.

Purchase a shoe rack for the back of your door and organize all your pets 'things' so they are not here, there and everywhere. 
This is one of my favorite 'tips'.

The sun is shining this morning. This should be a good day. :)
hugs, Deb


  1. That cat tip is an excellent one. I would never have thought of it and the kitties stuff is all over the place. Thanks

  2. The Goldfinches must be a welcome sight... especially for Audrey. And that pic of her from the back could be our *Ghost*. =^..^= (like that too!)

  3. Nice that you and the retired guy get out for small outings....and visit such quaint spots....

    The finches really lighten the load,eh? So bright and them♥️
    Enjoy your sunshine today...
    Linda :o)
    Ps...are you hosting Easter dinner?

  4. Our kitties have been waking up earlier and earlier, just to watch 'cat TV'. I love hearing the birdsong each morning as I go outside to feed the friendly ferals. Funny, but I don't want to drop my guard against Old Man Winter yet...I feel there is one more snow storm yet to hit...maybe I'm being pessimistic.

  5. The finches are beautiful! I can hear birds singing their little hearts out in the morning now when I walk. Love the cat hint today!

  6. Welcome back birds! Seems Lizzie has more visits with Bushy the Squirrel than Goldie the Finch. Hope that changes soon. But Bushy is such a pig!

  7. Hi Deb: It seems I have been missing you lately. It is getting harder and harder to get around to everyone I would like to see. But I keep saying it is the quality that counts not the quantity! I have been missing Audrey's antics and glad to see that the little birdies have returned to give her something to do. Hope all of your little family is doing well. Give Kane a hug for me..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. That mill is indeed beautiful. I've been in there a couple of times.

    Audrey's thinking "flying lunch, flying lunch, flying lunch..."

  9. Dearest Deb,
    Lovely to see those gold finches back on your side. We fed them here lots of thistle seeds or niger seeds as they love that.
    Soon it will be spring on your end!
    Lovely place where once used to be the tannery and textile mill for having now an indoor coffee shop. It looks so real, like in the open air with all the plants. Just lovely!
    Enjoy your days, like the fond memories of your son's soon to be 3rd wedding anniversary. How time moves on.

  10. Goldfinches!!! Aren't they lovely! I haven't seen one in years and years.
    My dad grew zinnia borders and the finches seemed to love them.