Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcoming May

This photo was taken in May of 2010.
I was about to take a photo of my flower pots when Sierra photo-bombed the picture before photo-bombing was popular.

The grass was green and the flowers were abundant in May back in 2010. Not this year. We are weeks behind and our grass is far from green.
Gardens are empty.
It has rained for two days steady and we expect more this week.
That should green up the grass if nothing else.

A visit from Gwyn and her mommy takes away the rainy day blues.
That is a Catalpa Tree in the foreground. We have started it from seed and it is growing quite well.
The plan is to plant it on our property so we can enjoy the beautiful flowers and fragrance. 

Amazing seed pods.
Look at the size of those leaves.
This is one in full bloom.
Just look at the blossoms. So pretty.
The branches are thick. It's a great tree for playing in when you are a kid.

It's about as tall as Gwyn now. I'll take another photo of it when it is planted, grown and Gwyn is playing in it. :)
It will grow to 20 feet in 10 years. 

Right now, she just wants to grab the leaves. Or anything else in her reach. :)

I'm off to cat-sit two orange and white brothers and a silky, black beauty.
Tomorrow I will finally show you lots of kitties that have been in my care lately.
May is always a busy month for cat-sitting with Mother's Day travellers, weddings and business trips.
I'm looking forward to seeing some of my regulars and meeting a few new kitties, too. 

Hope you are all enjoying some sun where you are.

hugs, Deb


  1. I am sure a visit from an adorable and curious little one is always a pleasure.
    The gardens certainly are not blooming much this year. It is still cool and quite wet outside.
    Have a beautiful week. Blessings, Catherine

  2. Sierra may be a photobomber, but she's a beauty whilst doing so!

  3. That sweetie can sure chase away the rainy day blues. I'm so anxious to be working in the yard and feel some sun on my face!

  4. It's absolutely miserable out there. I love the photobombing princess!
    Jane x

  5. A terrific photobomb! In 2012, I TNR'd Patty O'Malley on March 20 because it was warm enough to trap (won't trap if it's too cold, for fear of hurting the kitty). He came through it all with flying colors, and he's never left my yard since. It was wonderfully warm back then...and this spring promises to be wet and cool...just like Winter!

  6. Maybe the flowers aren't yet growing but little Gwyn surely is! What a sweetie pie! Beautiful.
    Sierra's photo bomb couldn't be more perfect. Good job, girl.

  7. Gyn is so adorable. Makes me wish I had another little Grand...maybe one of these days. Right now I miss my Tiger very much and my Charlie Kitty. At least I have Sam here to pet and spoil. He is doing really well adjusting to being inside all the time. Wishing you some Spring soon!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. Happy May! Doesn't much seem like it today here in Michigan! But Gwyn brings out the sunshine in anyone!

  9. Gwyn, such a beautiful name, beautiful spring photos,

  10. I always love your cat photos but have to admit this one that Sierra photo-bombed is just wonderful and maybe my favorite. She is just so photogenic and every photo of her is wonderful. Love seeing all your cats and the cats you care for.

  11. Ooo I want a catalpa tree too!!

    And it feels like March to me.