Saturday, April 5, 2014

Winding up the week

Although it looked quite cold here in my last post, inside we are only thinking Spring.
I am knitting a basket-weave blanket for my grandittle, Riley's little dolly bed. The one I gave her on Valentine's Day was red and a heavy wool. This will be nice and light for Spring. Must make a little pillow to go with it, too. I'm making good use of my yarn bowl.

I haven't had too much cat-sitting since last week but was happy to care for two lovely senior ladies the last few days.
Didi & Emmi

I have cared for these cats for over 10 years now. Love, love, love them.  They are sisters and live a comfy, contented life.

I dropped in to our book store to pick up some fresh scones on my way home.
Maple Blueberry Scones with Maple icing. They were so delicious I have to say I now have a 'favorite' scone. What I don't have is the recipe....sorry!

Emails are coming in now for 'cat-sitting' over the Easter weekend. Also, May will be very busy this year. There's no reason - it's just the way it goes with this service. My clients usually give me lots of notice, albeit there's always one or know, and I am able to organize my days well in advance.

Annie is showing off her beautiful green peepers with the brown splotch in the left one.
It's an odd-looking thing that was there when she arrived at our home from the shelter. It even has my vet wonderin'??  We are keeping an eye on it. *grin*
Lily is doing well. Thanks so much for your concern.
hugs, Deb


  1. Love that yarn bowl, I'd never heard of one before you shared it! Annie is a beauty and my Charlie has a eye 'splotch' also.

  2. Every picture from Annie makes me melt ,she is so lovely and beautiful .She and Aurdey are the lucky ones to find such a great home.Every animal should have that ,a warm and cosy home !!

  3. My cat, Meredith, has a sot like that too. Who knows what happened before she got rescued.

    I wish you lived near me. I always have trouble finding a cat sitter.


  4. Those two senior ladies look just like our senior lady!!!

  5. This is a nice cozy post on a day that started off with snowflakes.

    I hope Annie's splotch doesn't turn into a cause for concern for the gorgeous girl.


  6. Those two sisters are pretty ladies!

    That scone looks delicious.

    And while it's good to have the vet keeping an eye on it, if it's been there that long without any seeming effect, it should be okay.

  7. I just crocheted a basket-weave wool blanket for my folks' kitty, Shadow! It's a fun stitch. Maybe Spring will arrive outside for you, soon...

  8. The dark mark is odd but I suppose it's just part of who she is. I'm so glad she found her way to the best cat home ever!

  9. Bring me one of those Mapley scones....NOW!
    Interesting eye thingy....
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  10. I bet I could come up with a Maple Scone that you could make at home--I just love scones in the morning or afternoon with a cuppa tea. Those eyes of Audrey are just magnificent, brown blotch and all, Happy Spring, XOXO

  11. My Tungsten has something in her eye that looks like a rip in the pupil, though it isn't. There is even a portion of 'matter' adhering to the inside of her cornea. It has never troubled my orange one and she sees fine, so far as I can tell. Just a little damage that came with her. The single flaw in an otherwise perfect cat. Well, except for her waking me at five a.m. for no particular reason...

  12. Dearest Deb,
    Thanks for your following, visit and comment. Hope you did get to read my post from April 4: {Nika a Sweet Russian Blue from Moscow, Russia} If you look for my Label below my blogposts (scroll down...) Our Felines, you will get to meet our cat-babies.
    Love people that care for their pets, cats or dogs.
    We too have a lovely cat-sitter for when we travel. She is very much loved by our felines as well.
    Sending you hugs and also sunshine. Yesterday it was so dark during the day with heavy rain and thunderstorms. We enjoyed the company of good friends and I'd cooked all afternoon, nothing wrong with that!

  13. Sos una gatita tan dulce y especial Annie! I love your sweet peaceful green peepers with that naughty splotch in them... Don´t worry Deb about the brown splotch you may consult an optician vet for a second opinion, everything is gonna be alright!
    Those scons look so yummy I love maple syrup in the´s not so easy to find it in Argentina but I keep a bottle of it that a dear cousin from Montreal brought.
    Didi & Emmi are both a beauty! And Riley´s dolly bed will be very elegant and comfy with the pretty blanket!