Thursday, April 17, 2014


A story that one of my cat-sitting clients sent to me that I would love to share with you.l

I truly could see our Annie do the same. Audrey would have put on the food bib.

I added a little bird in it's nest to the Easter tree. His feathers are sparse as he has met up with the wrath of Audrey but I was able to save him. Now he's safe. (I think)

It is sunny and cold this morning.
Joe is enjoying a cushy seat in the house.

This little crock is a thrifty find ($5) and I will love filling it with pansies as soon as I can find some. Apparently, our nursery is still waiting for theirs to bloom.
For now, it holds some lilac branches.

Audrey has found a box and will settle in for awhile.
Then it's your guess as good as mine what she will be up to.

Do check out the video at the beginning of this post. It will amaze you.
Have a wonderful day.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love the cat and duckling story! And all your Easter makes me smile! We share that passion!

  2. Oh that not the sweetest story ever? Bless your heart for sharing such a gem with us today! Kisses Audrey!!!

  3. That is the sweetest story and just made me smile and go awwwwwww! Thanks for sharing this today!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. A what a lovely post and such a cute story...
    Love your pictures of your beautiful cats!
    Have a HAPPY EASTER Deb and take care.
    Love Titti

  5. Joe certainly has a cushy seat! I saw the story of the mama cat with the duckling babies on Animal Planet. A Happy Easter!

  6. wow what a wonderful story with the ducklings !!

    Happy Easter Deb...Gail x

  7. An adorable story!

    Joe seems to be enjoying a moment's peace.

    Audrey's got such expressive eyes. I suspect she's up to world domination plans again.

  8. Thanks for sharing this amazing story, Deb! I smiled all the way through it.

  9. I love your Easter tree SO much....I rigged up one of my own!
    Sweet story...thanks!
    Your Primula is looking good!
    Are you ready for tomorrow?
    Have a ball, Deb....
    Linda :o)

  10. Dearest Deb,
    Today it was again very chilly and I myself would have loved to curl up inside a box... Wishing you a sunny and a Happy Easter!

  11. Loved the video, I had to watch it twice. Happy Easter

  12. Lovely video. I love how the little mum had her kittens and the ducklings cuddled together against her tummy.

  13. Your Easter tree is is just lovely! Love the photos of your kitties - they look comfy and cozy. Happy Easter!

  14. Aw...your cats are so cute! Mine have a thing for those fake birdies, too! I've rescued a few myself. haha.

    Really cute Easter tree...hope you have a lovely weekend!