Saturday, June 7, 2014

A gift for my dad

I just realized my next birthday falls on Father's Day this year. Apparently, I was a Father's Day gift to my dad many, maaaany years ago.  I was born on Father's Day in 1952.  That's almost 62 years ago. And now it comes around again. It was always a bit of a joke at home when my dad would say to me, "So, what did you get your good 'ol dad for Father's Day? I'd just give him the look and say "Me."
Oh, he'd get a card, too and maybe a new tie. You know, just like all the other dads.
I can't remember ever buying him 'smokes' although he smoked cigarettes every day.
By these 1952 ads for Father's Day, I'd say we weren't doing our dads any favors with the gift ideas. :(

Here's dad getting 4 cartons of Old Gold cigarettes.
We sure were clueless back then.
"Hey dad, we love you. Now go smoke yourself to death." :-b

Old dad would have been better off with new underwear.

I wanted to share this photo of my son, who is daddy to Riley and Bradley, coaching his first soccer team of Tim Bits last night. That's Riley far right. He's going to love this as John has always been great with the little ones. 

Besides the retired-guy and John, we will have one more dad to celebrate this year in our family and that is Gwynn's dad, Mike.
                                                             9 months old this week

This will be his first 'Father's Day'.
The firsts are always the best, aren't they. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Have fun on Father's Day. Lots to celebrate!

  2. Isn't Gwynn a darling!! And yeah, I think the same thing when I see those old cigarette ads. Cigarettes were also a lot cheaper in those days. Now a couple who both smoke could make a house payment for what they pay to go up in smoke!

  3. Gwyn looks quite photogenic in that last pic!

  4. Happy Fathers Day all round then...Yes! Bestest of
    wishes! To one and all!
    My daughter buys little things usually. But, the best
    thing is always the card....To the point and very funny! :).

    Don't think l could smoke Camels...Never get the hump
    in me mouth! :>).

  5. Look at that Old Gold ad; even the dog is is giving smokes to poor old dad! Wonder who's giving him the cemetery plot? I'm ashamed to admit it but we used to give our grandad cartons of cigarettes. He lived to age 95 so they didn't kill him but I still feel bad.

  6. I got my dad type tobacco. Same bad. But we thought we were great! So thoughtful... ah, the ignorance of youth and another time!

    Happy upcoming birthday and a delightful father's day with Gwyn!

  7. Love the old ads and the young cutie. My Mum was always trying to get me to go to Mac's Milk to buy her cigarettes when I was a kid (before the days of age restrictions.) I always flat-out refused. I didn't want anyone thinking I was a smoker! :)