Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Looking back...

Why is it when I sit still and look across the little field of daisies, buttercups and clover that my heart settles? I had no idea as a child what this little piece of land would always mean to me. How coming here would flood my mind with happy memories of warm summer mornings; the sound of bees and hens around the gardens and the comfort of my grandmother's contentment of having her grands around to spoil even just for a little while.
I can still see her in the vegetable garden filling her apron with carrots and potatoes for our dinner. Her faithful tabby cat, Maggie, never far from her sight. She was precious to my grandmother and lived a good cat-life.
I can count fifty maples sitting here and remember my grandmother tapping a few for the nectar.

The dilapidated hen house that exists still today, and seems to take great pride in that, opens my memory to scenes of children filling tin pails with fresh eggs, even tiny ones from the banty hens, and brings back the sound of excitement and laughter.

I can hear the old well handle being cranked to fill the one tin cup with cold, delicious water. 
I still have that old granite cup on a shelf today.
It would be rubbish to anyone else; a treasure to me.
These are memories of days gone by and the love of a wonderful grandmother.
It's no wonder, sitting here and looking about, makes me feel I have returned to a little piece of paradise. 

I'm sending you over to visit a beautiful blog today.  Rooted in Thyme has posted photos of her vegetable and flower gardens and I think all you gardeners would love to pay Jody a visit. Enjoy!

hugs, Deb


  1. Morning Deb...
    Is this where you will be building?
    How wonderful that you have these great memories of the property...
    So romantic and loving♥️
    I have been to Jody's...LOVE it!
    Signed up to follow her...thanks!
    Enjoy your day....humid and cloudy here...
    Linda :o)

  2. That's the spot.
    Glad you are a follower as she has an amazing blog.

  3. Such a beautiful place and so close to your heart.

  4. Beautiful! It looks so peaceful there. I am heading over to your friends blog.

  5. Beautiful photos! Beautiful places!

  6. Beautiful! And quite poetic in how you describe things.

  7. Tried to comment yesterday on your poignant post. My tears prevented me doing so. Your thoughts about your grandmother's farm echo mine to such a degree it's a bittersweet blessing. From the tabby cat to the well pump--the taste of the water, after nearly 50 years is one of my unforgettable memories along with her sweet faced milk cows and baby kittens in the hay, Ah-so many more. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I envy you having this place! it's beautiful, and what great memories. All the places I spent my childhood in are no longer in our family.

  9. One can only hope to be as loved and remembered by grandchildren as your grandma is by you. That is a legacy beyond price and you're blessed to have such poignant memories.