Sunday, June 29, 2014

Farewell to June.

Audrey can look normal.
It's hard for her but she can do it. See her little splash of white on the chest. She says that's what makes her stand out from the rest of the greys. We'll let her think that.

This last weekend of June was a busy one for this cat-sitter. It wasn't all work, though. Can I call this work? Hardly.  After caring for stay-at-home kitties, I spent a good part of Saturday planting flowers and enjoying the weather. I've been wanting a bird-bath but found them so expensive at this time of year so I got creative and used a serving dish, a few shiny stones and a log that was in the yard. Tada! My 'cheap' rather rustic bird-bath.

It's barbecue season and the most fabulous barbecue weather this weekend. Veggie-burgers are my choice for dinner.

And here's a few of my weekend charges.

Smudge - she is still around until mid-July so I had the opportunity to see her again. How I will miss this darling face when she moves. :(
Bella & Tigger

Flash & Quincy

Caesar & Ace (photo coming)
Stunning, isn't he?

Zoe (This is my favorite angle of this magnificent cat)

Penny & Zoie

                                (photo taken last winter)
Ten fabulous felines to pamper to my heart's content. Well, that is besides six at home.  ;-)
I'll have two more to photograph tomorrow. They are new clients so I'll be showing them off soon.

Enjoy what's left of this fabulous, +30C, strawberry short-cake eatin' weekend.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your kitty clients are gorgeous. Enjoy the wonderful weather -- you deserve it! I have entered my hibernation stage -- too hot and humid to do anything.

  2. Such a gorgeous pack of kitty clientele! And yes, Audrey can look normal... every once in awhile.

  3. You get to enjoy so many beautiful cats. I saw an adorable orange and white kitten in PetSmart the other day. But no other cats for me as Charlie just doesn't do well with them. I'm enjoying the warm weather by sharing watermelon with Tiger!

  4. What a fun job! They are all just gorgeous!
    We had a feral stop in our back yard last night and he had a black spot on his nose and I said if he continues to come here, we'll have to call him Smudge!
    Love your bird bath...that's perfect!

  5. The photo of Zoe really shows off those wonderful fur markings!

  6. Well! I think Audrey has a bit of 'Sophia Loren'
    about her....HeHe! Wonder if Sophia Loren has a
    splash of white on her chest....! :).

    And, all those Puddy~Tats....I do enjoy visiting
    my daughter...She has two Staffy's and four cats!
    And, night time is just mad...Zeeva the eldest Staffy,
    likes to sleep at my feet, under the quilt. Pussy~cat
    Az, on my chest, Louie, under my armpit, and Nushka,
    the younger Staffy, trying to get in somewhere, all great
    fun, hissing and growling all night long....Not me of course! :>).
    I'm tryin g to read a Ladybird book...trying to get some sleep!

  7. what stunning felines you care for. Great shots too. We really enjoyed your uplifting post. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  8. Your cat photos are so good. You could make cat calendars and people would love them... especially the cat owners. When we had 8 cats in the house, I made one and gave it out to my MIL for Christmas. She is a great cat lover.

  9. Beautiful cats, Deb...nice you enjoy your job so much!
    Have a great day tomorrow...watching Miss V as her Mom is off to see the Blue Jays!
    Linda :o)

  10. Wow, Zoe really reminds me of Emily!

    I love your birdbath!

  11. The markings on Zoie are remarkable. Great idea for a birdbath!

  12. Audrey is a natural born Diva and it shows. As the old saying says: normal is just a setting on the dryer.
    I love little Smudge and so enjoy seeing her. What a darling. She will be missed.
    All of your kitties clients are so beautiful and look so happy and content. Seeing them really brightens my day. (Oh, sorry Audry, you do too).

  13. What beautiful clients! I am especially smitten with Caesar!