Friday, June 13, 2014

Bring on the sun

My kitty-client,  Smudge says "Where did the sun go?"

It's been raining for three days now. I'll fill this day with cat-sitting and playing with dishes.
Audrey plans to do what most cats will be doing...snooze.

Found these two little pottery pieces for the island.
They can hold lots of little doo-dads.


We need the sun this weekend. Lots of out-door plans are made to celebrate DADS everywhere.
The grass is green enough now.
"Bring on the sun...
or kitties everywhere will revolt."
hugs, Deb


  1. Hope the sun will return to you soon !
    We had sunshine until noon , then came thunder and rain.

  2. We've had tantalising glimpses of the sun today. I hope the sun hasn't gone part time!
    Jane x

  3. Yes, it's gotten rather cool and the sun is hiding too. All kitties are curled up and napping, and the humans will follow suit soon.

  4. Audrey's giving you just a little glimpse. Smudge, meanwhile, looks entirely too huggable. As does that last kitty.

    Of course we get generally the same weather as you, so we had it most of the day. Hopefully it's done.

  5. Please take ours and send back your rain. For me it would be a gift from heaven. WE were over a hundred last week and it's only June.

  6. You don't look at all revolting, beautiful kitty on the grass.