Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A 'grand' day

While I took care of some country kitties this morning, the retired-guy and our favorite (and only) grandson, Bradley took to hiking around the beautiful property and check out the big rocks.
We had just come from a very early 'breakfast out' and my kitty-clients were ready for their breakfast, too.

Before heading back to the car I came across this glorious group of poppies and thought.."Yep, gotta get me some of these."
Gorgeous colour, right?

I think these are my favorite by far.

And to Bradley's delight we came across a painted turtle making the long trek across the dirt road so he got a little help and was placed in the tall grass.

But not before we took a picture of him hiding his head from these weird people he came upon.
Stay safe, little guy.
Bradley was taken home for his nap and then it was off to Almonte to care for stay-at-home kitties that require one visit a day.
I always try to fit them in around noon to break up their day.

Oh, did I mention it is gorgeous today with the sun shining and just a light, cool breeze?

I haven't shown you some of the beautiful pieces of pottery that I received for my bday.
You won't believe how beautiful my next tea-break will be. 
I'll leave that for another day.
Audrey is yelling from the living-room. Apparently she just heard on the radio that there is a new product line of cookies called Audrey's Cookies.
I'll have to find out what that's all about.

Have a great day! 
hugs, Deb


  1. Gwynn and Bradley are adorable!!
    Audrey has her own line of cookies, eh? :)
    I'm not surprised!

    1. Ha! No, I've been in the 'cookie' business and won't be going back there again. It was fun for 8 years but that's enough. Audrey just likes to know her name is being mentioned. I will be looking for these cookies, though.

  2. LOL! Audrey's cookies!!!! Precious grans -- great memories ya'll are making. Love the poppies and I'm really fond of turtles!

  3. Aren't we just the luckiest Nanas.....♥️
    You have your retired guy....I have my boyfriend.... is sweet!
    Did you "borrow" those poppies? You devil you.....
    They are lovely....
    I do believe you are right about Gwynn and Miss V.....both adorable♥️
    Enjoy your evening....raining here again....
    Linda :o)

    1. Hey Linda - no, I left them there. BUT...will look for this colour to grow on our property. Aren't they gorgeous!

    2. Yes they are.....good girl!

  4. It looks like the most glorious day with the best of companionship -- and all are adorable -- human and feline alike!

  5. The grandkids are adorable of course.

    Audrey demands that liver pate be baked into the cookies.

  6. Gwynne is one pretty little girl and Bradley is quite a handsome young man! What a beautiful family you have and so lucky to be able to spend quality time with them! We have 5 grandkids, 2 in Portland, OR (west coast), 1 in Hilton Head, S. Carolina (east coast), and 2 north of Chicago (midwest). We are located smack dab in the middle in Kansas.

  7. Oh how big Bradley is getting and Gwynn is just a doll like her cousin. We're very hot here, but tomorrow and the weekend promises to be near purrfect! XOXO

  8. Bradley and Gwynn have great smiles and are at an adorable age♥ I think you have the best job in the world.....taking care of kittys. :)

  9. The grands are adorable!!Thank you for helping the turtle!