Sunday, June 1, 2014

Take time to smell the flowers.

By the end of May, everywhere you look it is green and lush.
The ferns are at their peak.
The walking trails are lined with wild-flowers of every colour.
The air is alive with the sound of song-birds.

It's time to slow down and take it all in.

"So long, May. You've been fabulous and we thank you for that."

It's time now to smell the flowers.

hugs, Deb


  1. May did indeed start us off on all our color too Deb. June is starting off with rain. But that is OK as we need it!
    Happy June Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. Great photos. Love this post. I've decided to slow down and enjoy the next few months with smelling flowers and just breathing more!! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. They are my very favorites, those lilies! Lovely!

  4. It seems like we have waited forever to have flowers this year! I'm taking time to enjoy them for sure.

  5. Goodness! In your first photo, Sierra looks like a bobcat!
    Lily of the valley, one of my all time favourites. Why, I don't think I've seen it for over twenty years. You live in such a beautiful area. I'm stuck and envious! Kisses for the kitties.

  6. I love Lily of the Valley! Beautiful post, Deb!

  7. That's the second time today I've been seeing lily of the valley. Beautiful shots, Deb!

  8. Lovely flowers and pooch!!! The kitty looks a bit disgruntled...perhaps the birds are teasing him???

  9. I can never get the lily of the valley to look so clear...
    Excellent shot, Deb!
    Linda :o)

  10. The smell of lily-of-the-valley is high on my list of best things in the world!

  11. Better words were never spoken! I miss my Lilly of the Valley's and can't wait to be in our new house to get another patch started, XOXO

  12. What wonderful woods you have in that part of the country. I'd never tire of walking in them if I were there.