Saturday, May 31, 2014

dive-bombing momma & pretty pottery.

"Hi Folks...Audrey here
I'm starting to hear "Chicka..dee..dee...dee...dee...dee"   in my countless dreams all day.
We have a psycho bird living on our porch that is scaring off all visitors.  Who knew there were dive-bombing, hell-raising Chickadees in our neighbourhood. It's the most exciting thing that has happened in this dull town in ages but apparently the screams from our visitors is causing some disruption.  If someone would let me at it I could take care of things pronto but apparently that ain't gonna happen."

Deb says she saw the mom poke her head out of the hole yesterday, jump out and hang on the hanging plant and then fly off. I'm thinking if I just stand at the door with my mouth open she just might be dumb enough...oh never mind!"

"AUDREY...BEHAVE YOURSELF. Oh yes, and it's time to trim your nails."

 "Well, that took care of her."

I'd love to show you inside the nest but I have yet to go that close to it. I think, although the bird was dumb enough to make her nest at our front door, she just might be smart enough to be startled and then she may leave the eggs or birds, not sure what is in there, and not return. I will do whatever it takes to not be the cause of that. I will, though, try to photograph her head peaking out one of these days.

Would you like to have a peak at a new piece of pottery I treated myself to? Maybe it's not as exciting as dive-bombing birds but it's pretty, that's for sure.

" really don't hide well."
This bowl was made by Victoria Jenkins who has a studio just outside of our town.
If you would like to take a peak at her work go here...Victoria jenkins pottery
See...isn't she amazing? She also shows off some of her favorite potters' work.
The bowl is a soft cream colour and the flower is apricot. Gorgeous colours together.
It's nice and deep and will hold a multitude of things. Victoria signs all her pieces.
I have one more piece to add to my collection of pretty pottery.

Well, it looks like someone else is interested in the comings and goings of momma bird. That's Rae-Rae and she's just out of the bathtub, hence the wet coat,  where she loves to get a drink from the tap.

Thanks for stopping by and we'll keep you posted on the baby birds.
hugs, Deb


  1. You could probably poke your camera in there for a really quick pic when mama is off the nest. If she's coming and going a LOT, the babies have already hatched. :) Back in 2006, we had robins nest in a hanging flowerpot on our porch and I took photos all through the month of May! :)

  2. Please keep up your commentary on the *live-in chickadee*. Hopefully with her nest so close to the door, she won't abandon her eggs... if she's laid any. And Deb, if you keep buying pottery (although I love it too), you may need another China Cabinet soon.

  3. Audrey!! Well it seems to be entertaining the kitties to have a bird nest so close to the front door!! Love the new pottery piece.

  4. I always love hearing from Audrey. My cat Chase Bird has a crush on her. :-)

    I hope the baby birds do OK. It must be fascinating to be so near the action.

  5. I love listening to baby birds, we had a wren raise her brood not too far away from our front door and it was constant chattering all day long. They did all fledge successfully. We've also been watching the Wildlife Cameraman Simon King's web cams that he's set up all around his property. The Bluetit cam is brilliant. This is the link to their cam You can also view Kestrel, Wren, Woodpecker, Jackdaw, Badger and Fox and Otters - I spend far too much time on there!

  6. Not every year, but some years a bird would make a nest up by the back door at the house where I grew up, which was generally the door we would mostly go in and out of. When there was a nest there, the front door would be the route we'd go out for a few weeks.

    Audrey, you're much too cute, but of course you already know that.

  7. How I miss Chickadees! Maybe you can catch her on video...