Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This and that around the house

Today was the first 'quiet' day for cat-sitting in a few weeks so I decided it was a 'Me' day. 

I finally had some time to meet with two friends, Martha and Bobbi,  for lunch. It's great to catch up and have some 'face time'.We enjoyed a lovely lunch in Almonte at JR's restaurant.  The food is great and the company even greater. We talked for two hours straight. :)

It was very hot this afternoon and plants were taken out to catch some rays on the deck. This little Rosemary plant will be transplanted and placed on the island IF it can escape the jaws of six felines. We'll have to see about that.

I love dusting the dining-room and made some time for that today, too. It takes me much longer than it should as I start to play with the dishes. That is what they are meant for, right? I guess you'd have to say it is an obsession of mine. One of them, anyway.

That little photo is of Natalie, Ronna and myself having tea on one of their visits. If you haven't met these girls do go over to their wonderful blogs and say "howdy". Natalie has quite the menagerie of rescued animals on her hobby farm and Ronna, who is owned by four fabulous kitties,  can bake a cake like nobody's business.

Audrey has finally settled on a bed much to Sierra's dismay.

                      "Check out my new BFF. Ain't she a peach?"
"Oh, Audrey."
Obviously Sierra is a deep-sleeper.

More cat-sitting requests have come in so it looks like it will be a 'kitties galore' weekend coming up.  It is the Victoria Day weekend in Canada,  afterall.  Lots of parties and lots of travellers.

I'll be attending a party/barbeque, too, this weekend celebrating a little 4 year old's birthday. Should be lots of fun and let's hope the rain holds off. Fingers crossed.

hugs, Deb


  1. Glad you had a nice day and enjoyed time and lunch with your friends.
    It is energizing and good for you.
    Blessings, Catherine

  2. We are having buckets of rain, but I managed to feed the friendly ferals in between downpours this morning. At least the hostas and coral belles I transplanted over the sunny weekend are getting watered in nicely!

  3. A ME day is good! Looks like this was one was extra special. More boxes for Audrey! ;)

  4. Playing with dishes, and yours are lovely, is always such fun - I do it too!

    That last pic - Audrey and Sierra - certainly is full of furry cats, and so adorable! I was at my granddaughter's last weekend - her two younger cats were fun and visited all evening, the older one wouldn't even come downstairs hen she heard so many voices!

    Happy Victoria Day weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. Audrey and Sierra are really cute like that!

  6. I too like dusting the china cabinets... so many pretty things and memories. My daughter thinks I'm daft... but wants me to come over and dust hers. Have fun cat sitting!

  7. So nice with a "Me-day" and meet some friends. The cat's are so cute.


  8. It can't be four! It simply can't................can it?