Monday, May 5, 2014

2 lovely cats...2 lovely 'finds'

                                         Flash & Quincy
Aren't they lovely? These two boys were cats with behaviour problems when first adopted by my wonderful clients. With determination and lots of love they brought these cats around and now they are ...dare I say it...purr-fect companions. I love these two fantastic felines.

I haven't had time to buy fresh-cut flowers with all the cat-sitting this past week so I cut off a few lilac branches and brought them in to enjoy. They are gorgeous when they open up; the most beautiful colour of green.
We are still waiting on lilacs. Won't be long now. 

It was a good afternoon to go 'hunting' for a treasure in Almonte.
The antique shop/thrift store was a happening place today. Not 
much else to do on a cold, rainy Sunday.
Hmmm....perhaps a cookie jar.

                                                 A pitcher that can double as a flower vase.
I was happy to come home with two new pieces of pottery.

Off to kitty-sit a very special little cat who is moving away soon. I have cared for her for over ten years and it will be hard to think that it will be my last visit with her. That's the down-side of what I do. :-(

hugs, Deb 


  1. How adorable are they? Little rascals you can tell....have a wonderful week Deb!

  2. Your pottery finds are just fabulous! And the "boys" are lovely and I can't imagine that they ever had a behavior problem; so sweet looking. XOXO

  3. The boys are cuties and almost twins! Sorry about your long-time kitty friend moving away -- after ten years she's like your own.
    Love the pottery, especially the cookie jar!

  4. I love pottery.
    The kitties look like adorable book ends :) Wise, inscrutable....

  5. Lovely photos ! The kitty on the right looks like our Harley . Our Lilac bushes are full of buds and will be blooming soon , all my Geraniums are in full bloom in the living room , I am just waiting for the night temps to warm up more so I can take them outside to the front porch . Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Saying good-bye to cats who move away... I had to do that to my foster-cat Cammie on Friday. She has been adopted by someone in Regina. She changed quite a bit while she was with me, and is, I hope, ready to trust other humans. It is hard missing her.

  7. Your title says it all,Deb...
    Had some sun this am....cloudy this afternoon...
    Coughing like an idiot!
    Linda :o)

  8. They really are such handsome fellows!

  9. Those 2 kitties are so pretty and I always think it's interesting to see what the kitties names are. Great finds at the thrift store!

  10. They're a couple of handsome boys!!!