Monday, May 19, 2014

Play & enjoying the long weekend.

Emmi (kitty client)  having a treat.
A little treat before bidding farewell 'til next time.

It's been a busy weekend with my grand-daughter's party, lots and lots of cat-sitting and I'm still in the midst of Spring house-cleaning and preparing the yard for flowers.

The sun is shining on this May 24th long-weekend. It has been beautiful. It's 'get your garden going' weather.

This is the weekend when we started gardens without the worry of frost, in the past. But, since we are two weeks behind in most Spring growth I think it might be best to wait 'til June 1st to put flowers in the ground.
I`m sticking to pots on the deck and around our apple tree for now.
I'm anxious to grow herbs again this year along the deck. 
Rosemary on the island

Sunday dinner was roast chicken along with my favorite dish - stuffed zucchini.
Loaded up and covered with cheese.
 Accompanied by warm whole wheat rolls from the oven.
Strawberry shortcake for dessert.
A wonderful Spring-time dinner.

Hope you had a fun and yummy weekend.
And I do hope you played and had fun with your pets, too.

Am I the only one this weekend that can say they watched fire-works with their cat? Annie and I were in the kitchen late last night when all of a sudden we heard a loud bang.

Annie's head swung around to see the fire-works across the street illuminate the sky.
She was mesmerized.
Just look at those cute little ears.

Our dear old dog, Kane would normally be terrified at the sound of fire-works but now that he has lost some hearing they don't bother him anymore. He slept right through them.
It's the one good thing about his hearing loss.


Do you play with your cat? In order to keep your cat happy and content you need to add fun and excitement to it's life. If your cat is an in-door only cat, it's important to PLAY together. Most in-door cats are bored and need some stimulation. Add a box or a big brown paper bag to it's area and roll a ball into it. Get down on the floor and play along with your cat while it enjoys it's new toy. Attach a feather to a stick and dangle it so the cat will jump. Exercise is so important for cats who are unable to climb trees and run free. I find a ping-pong ball really gets Audrey going if I bounce it down the hall or the stairs. Adding new toys to their stash once a month is something for them to discover and have fun with. 
                           Spend time with your cat. They love it. And that's that. 

Audrey..."That being said, I fail to find a new toy in my basket today." 

"So sorry, Audrey. I'll get right on that."

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie's reaction to fireworks is just precious!

  2. Play? Lizzie won't let me get dressed till we open the drawer, get out a stuffie (she picks) and has me hurl it out of the bedroom and down the hall. I just wish she'd learn to bring it back!

  3. Such a sweet pic of Emmi taking the treat!!!

  4. It was a terrific weekend for gardening, hanging with the chickens and trying to stop the cats from escaping the house every time I went in or out. They are determined to run free! Of course the house is littered with toys but that doesn't count when you want to chase real birds!

  5. Our kitties run and hide when fireworks start. I've tried coaxing them out, using soothing words but in the end I have to leave them where they are. And we have fireworks at least three times a year, and people shoot off firecrackers every summer weekend too. It's cute that Annie was watching!

  6. Thanks for visiting me this morning.
    Yes, cats do enjoy play time. When mine gets bored he goes around the house opening cupboards and closet doors (if they are not completely latched). He certainly can find his mischief, but is good at hiding when time to trim the nails.

  7. those pictures of the kitty watching the fireworks are great! I'm going to take your advice and get my kitty something fun to play with today. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. What were the fireworks for? Did I sleep through June?

    I'm glad Sri and Siam found a home, and together. We deal with that sometimes in the rescue-group I am part of. There are never enough homes. At least there was for those two.

    1. Hello Bellen
      In Canada we have just celebrated Queen Victoria's birthday. The fire-works are very common on this long weekend. Yes, it's wonderful for Sri And Siam.

  9. Teddy and I were playing this morning while the girls napped. Then Mina got into the action and kept looking under furniture for that one special toy -- no matter that there are two baskets full of toys. Ah, well. The humidity is on the rise down here. I can still got out in the morning for a quick walk. Hugs to all-----

  10. That zucchini looks delish......
    I have the same wooden mirrored cabinet at the cottage!
    Our weather was not that great...oh well...not complaining....really....honestly...ok, I am.....♥️
    Linda :o)

  11. The zucchini looks great!! Hard to type because Emerson is suckling on my finger!!!