Saturday, May 24, 2014

On the hunt.

I knew if I sat long enough on the front bench with camera in hand I would catch momma Chickadee on her way to the nest.

 And here she is swinging on the hanging plant that I hung just for her. :)
Here she is flying into the nest. (top right)

I plan to put a few more flowers around so she will feel like she lives at The Ritz.

It was pouring rain yesterday so after a bit of cat-sitting I headed to the antique shop in Almonte for a look-see.  I found this sweet little piece of pottery; a tiny vase; and scooped it right up.

I also found a beautiful pitcher and a lone coffee mug that was made by a potter in Perth.
Isn't this pretty?
More apple blossoms to enjoy.

Total spent $15.00

I also sent a bag to the thrift shop in our town yesterday of dishes I have grown tired of.  I'm hoping that those items find a new home, too.
That evens it all out...NO GUILT.

TODAY...while driving along the back roads looking for lilac trees at their best I spotted another antique shop just off the side of the road.  It was called Wilson's Woodland Antiques which really caught my eye since my maiden name is Wilson.  A quick turn into the driveway, that faced the most beautiful log home with colourful gardens, brought me right to the shop door.  After being greeted by the cheery owner,  I spotted another teeny weeny pottery vase. I scooped that up along with another gorgeous jug. Now I have two beautiful miniature vases for the table. This antique shop caters to those who love vintage dishes so I will have to pass this info along to some local dish lovers. And the retired-guy found the perfect bread knife for his home-made bread.
                                                                 Total spent $20.00
                                                        My two miniature pottery vases.

What do you think, Joe?  Did I do good on my 'hunt'?

"HUNT! are so lame." Let me outside and I'll show you how to hunt.
"Nah...I think I'll not do that."

Hope you are having a fun weekend & the sun is shining where you are.

hugs, Deb


  1. The handsome Joe might not be impressed with your hunt, but I am! Love the little vases.

  2. SCORE!! I think your rationale for no guilt is spot on.

    I miss chickamonsters so much. They are endlessly fun to watch!

  3. Beautiful pottery!

    Joe looks like he wants treats.

  4. So many pretty happy things here today Deb.
    Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather!
    xo Catherine

  5. Score! You did well on your human hunt, even if Joe thinks otherwise. I hit the resale shops today, and came home with a bagful 'o goodies, and very few dollars out of the wallet. Yay!

  6. That pitcher is beautiful -- an outstanding find! You did very well indeed!

  7. You're so lucky to live in an area with such good shops. Great finds.
    Joe is such an adorable boy. He looks like a younger version of our Willie! That little pale pink nose! Squeeeee!

  8. Deb, I am really enjoying your pottery finds. Love handmade items like this...craftsmanship is appreciated here also. I think your hunting skills are fab but Joe is pretty handsome so he is forgiven for his doubts!
    Poor Mr Toes is back at the Vets. He has been having UTI issues and has a blockage. I love that big cat so much and my friend Carter has been so worried about him but has taken the best care of him. Thank goodness he has a great vet there. So prayers for his recovery are appreciated.

  9. Deb, we just bought a hanging fern last weekend, and not for ourselves either, but for the little wren that likes to nest on our back porch (yes, just above a yard of feral cats). She has been hoping around out there for weeks, so when we saw this huge fern on sale for half price, we bought it and hung it for her.
    And I do like your little pottery vase finds too!