Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do apple blossoms make YOU sleepy?

The sun was shining again today.
Annie says the smell of apple blossoms makes her very sleepy.
"What are you dreaming of, Annie?"

                  "Apple blossoms, hummingbirds & Wellness Chicken in gravy."

Yes, it's that time for apple blossoms and our tree in the yard has exploded since yesterday. I guess the overnight rain really helped. We can see it from our deck door.

It was time to drag out the statue that I love to see amongst the flowers.
St. Francis of Assisi
 I have yet to plant around the apple tree but have placed the bench there anyway. Sierra will appreciate that. :) I'll soon find her sleeping below the apple blossoms.

Apple blossoms on the table will fill this house with a heavenly fragrance. That is, if Joe doesn't demolish them.

If only they would last forever.
Rae-Rae is watching for the momma Chickadee to arrive soon. She is great entertainment for this love-struck cat.

We are expecting a beautiful weekend of +20 temperatures and lots of sun. I guess we've done something right to deserve this glorious weather. I have lots of kitties to pamper. All regulars... all beauties.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'll just say it: JOE!!!!!!

    Is there anything as beautiful as a sleeping cat?

  2. Oh, the scent of apple blossoms is wonderful! I can't keep flowers on my table for very long, though. My kitties won't leave them alone. Your kitties look so sweet. My Stormy is sitting at the end of the hall right now staring at me trying to tell me it's bedtime!

  3. Your kitties are so sweet! I like those dreams of Annie's. :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the apple blossoms. They are all gone here--we had an earlier spring.

    I like your St. Francis statue, too.

  4. Still waiting for ours...I think I can smell your blossoms from here!
    Jane x

  5. William, you comment above is spot on! A sleeping cat is beauty incarnate. Growing up, we had a huge apple tree, and I remember making bouquets of the blossoms to give to my teachers. At my home now we have masses of lily-of-the-valley, so that smell is divine too. The lilacs are a bit late, it seems, but that aroma is a slice of heaven too.

  6. Apple Blossoms are gorgeous, so delicate just like sweet Annie! Happy Weekend!


  7. Love that photo of Annie. What a treasure! We're on the last end of apple blossoms here -- there are still a few. Now it's lilacs! Happy weekend!

  8. Apple blossoms are so precious for their blooms, their scent, and for apples. My cats seem to appreciate all flower arrangements on our dining room table in their cat ways , by plucking them off their branches, rubbing against the vase, drinking out of the vase, eating some leaves....all adding to the "artsy" charm of real flower arrangements !

    The statue under the tree will make for a special and meditative place for you as think of your little friend.

  9. Is the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi? Is he the fellow who could talk to animals?

  10. I don't remember the last time I saw, let alone smelled, apple blossoms!
    Aren't they exquisite! Right up there with a sleeping Peach.

  11. Love the photos of Miss Audrey and Rae Rae, both real sweeties. Enjoy your warm sunshine. The apple blossoms are lovely, it must be a real pleasure to see so much greenery and flowers after a long hard winter.

    Julie and poppy Q