Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finally we have heat.

Mama bird is waiting in the top photo for me to go inside the house. Look up....look way up.
The little Chickadee has built a nest in a wooden ornament at the front door of our home. Since I kept her fed all winter I guess she thought this B&B was the best she could find. I'll continue to leave her plenty of seed and apple for awhile yet. I think she likes the white geraniums I hung on the porch. The second photo was taken from a distance since if you get too close she gives you 'heck'.
I'm still amazed that she picked this place to raise her young. That wooden cat has hung at our door for 15 years and never once chosen as a nesting spot.

Lily & Sierra share a sun-puddle on this gorgeous day.

Sierra helping to prepare the yard for summer.
She is our indoor-outdoor cat as she never leaves our property.
She has been with us for 10 years now.
The grass needs seeding next.
The yard is coming alive.
and look who just woke up...

We are having July weather today.
And the lilacs are blooming. 
hugs, Deb


  1. Thanks for stopping by the other day. So glad you are getting into the nicer weather. It has been a long winter here and I can only imagine how long it was at your place. Love the photo of your whole family.

  2. You have bleeding hearts AND Lilacs?
    Really? I am, must be WAY warmer than us...
    Good for you.....
    Linda :o)

    1. We have had warm weather for about a week now. Just like that everything started blooming.

  3. You have lilacs! :) I am jealous! Ours have yet to bloom.
    Good to see the kitties have sun puddles!

  4. Oh Lilacs!! We don't have a cold enough winter to have them down here! Gorgeous smell...lucky you! Cute kitties. I'm keeping very busy playing with Tiger and petting Charlie! So happy to be home.

  5. Yes, the lilacs are finally showing up. Terrific shots, Deb. That sun must be so delightful for Lily and Sierra to lie in.

    Rae looks so cute!

  6. Hello Miss Lily; hope all is well with you. *smooches darling girl*
    That Woman

  7. That's Fabulous ! Here , I got many warm nice day too but it's autumn.
    Happy Wednesday !

  8. No lilacs or apple blossoms for us yet!
    Jane x

  9. That wooden cat just had to get good and seasoned, and is now a perfect nesting spot!

  10. I've decided to let my family get a cat. I think a cat is a good choice because it will teach the kids responsibilities to take care of it but a cat is also really good at taking care of itself. What kind of things should I pick up from the pet store besides food? Any toys?

  11. As far as toys, the best one in my experience is the cat-dancer or the wand-type toys that have feathers on the end. They also love a cat-tree that they can climb and hide in the cubbies. Great fun.I would also purchase good quality food both soft and dry especially if it is a male.You can speak to your vet on the reasons for that.
    You will need litter and a good sized litter box that the cat can grow into. If you do get a kitten do not buy clumping litter. It is very dangerous for a kitten as they will lick the clay off their feet after using the box and it can turn into cement in their stomachs. Buy only a regular litter made of wheat or pine or newspaper shavings. I believe there is one called Swheat Scoop that is recommended for kittens.

  12. I just love your little chickadee!