Saturday, May 10, 2014

Daisies for mom

To my mom...
Who's hand I feel on my shoulder when I need encouragement; who's voice I hear in my head when I need some answers. Whose face I see when I hear myself laugh. I feel your pride rush over me when I watch my kids move on in life and find their way. You were always very proud of them.
You were my first friend, my idol, my hero and my biggest fan. I was always so happy to introduce you as my mom. I love my memories of you and they keep my feet on the ground and my soul full of hope. You gave me strength to face this world. "Thank you mom,  for that."

Tomorrow being Mother's Day, I wish all the mom's a very Happy Mother's Day. And to my daughter-in-law Brittany and my daughter, Jess, who are two of the most loving moms I know, it will be wonderful celebrating with you. . "Happy 1st Mother's Day, Jess".

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Mother's Day Deb. I am so Blessed to still have my Mom with me and to be able to share this Mother's Day with her.

    hugs, Linda

  2. The void left by our moms is never really filled when they are gone. She was our first love and guide and I hear her voice in my head as I travel the rest of the road without her. Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your new moms!

  3. Happy 1st Mother's Day, Jess!

    Deb, I love to hear your memories of your mum and your gran. What a
    beautiful relationship you had.
    Two lovely women body and soul.
    My mum hasn't known who I am for six years. Non-verbal except for an occasional I hate you. Hard to keep memories of the good times alive.

  4. Beautiful post...Happy Mother's Day!

  5. A wonderful tribute to your mother. Like you, my mother's gone too, so the day means something different now.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  6. Happy Mothers Day my friend...

    Linda :o)

  7. Happy Mother´s Day dear Deb! What a moving lovely post to your dear mum and all the love you shared together... in Argentina we celebrate it in October but for me every day is a mother´s day.
    Have a lovely day with Brittany and Jess and send all my love to a sweet loving mum of four mi dulce Annie!♥

  8. Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

  9. Dearest Deb,
    A lovely contribution to your dear Mom!
    Also towards your own children... Life moves on; generation after generation.
    We just got back from 9 days vacation in Florida, by car as that is not too far from Georgia. Only 6 hours to Orlando, our starting point. We did make it via Sarasota to Miami and back home via Lakeland. Lovely time after 10 years of renovations in our home and garden. Hope to enjoy more of those escapes as our six kittens are happy with their favorite cat-sitter.
    Sending you hugs and hope the weather soon will warm up in your area!