Friday, May 9, 2014

Bringing home a treasure and plans must be made to make Audrey more comfortable. :-b

After cat-sitting this morning we were off to ANTIQUES to pick up my new treasure.
This is the owners' home and the shop is in back. Gorgeous place.

It is painted white pine and the hardware is all wood. The drawers are deep and slide easily and not a chip or scratch anywhere to be found. Funny though, I do have plans to stress it up a bit. It has a small back piece that is not in this photo and I will show that once it's in place. It is incredibly heavy.
My plan is to leave it white for now but down the road will probably strip it down to the wood.
Estimated age is late 1800's. It has some very nice detail on it and I will show that once it is home.
It will replace an IKEA dresser in the bedroom. *big smile here*

Now I'm waiting for the lilacs to grow on our tree so I can put a big vase of them right on top to enjoy.

"So Audrey, what do you think of his lovely new addition to our home?"

"Blah! blah! blah! How about spending some of that kitty-cash on a bigger bed for 'moi'. How do you expect a cat to get any sleep around this joint when she keeps falling out of bed?"

"Oh sorry, Audrey. I didn't realize your life was the pits here. What kind of bed should I buy you, my most precious little princess?"





  1. Audrey knows how to make a point..she's such a drama queen!
    Jane x

  2. It's a beautiful piece Deb, I like the painted white look.
    Poor Audrey, she has such a hard

  3. LOL! Audrey needs to graduate to a doggie bed I believe! So cute! Love that house/antique shop and your new find! Wonder what the person was like that originally owned it? Always fun to find and repurpose old things!

  4. Deb, your Audrey cracks me up! Yes that is one gorgeous dresser, can't wait to see better picks. Oh and I know what you mean about IKEA stuff, I have some and it's ok but not like amazing furniture that is REAL wood!

    hugs, LInda

  5. Love that pic of Audrey! And congrats on a great *find*!

  6. It is a lovely piece and Audrey certainly knows how to pull at your heart. Adorable.

  7. Oh my Audrey has oozed out of her bed lol ! Cute photos . Sounds like you got some good finds ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  8. Audrey is a lovely princess! Isn't it funny what positions they fall asleep in?

  9. Shouldn't she be grateful that she doesn't have to sleep in a box? I really don't think cats give us enough credit for what we do for them. At least, mine don't seem suitably impressed. Love the dresser!

  10. LOL..Audrey is so much like my Lucy....I look forward to seeing your dresser ...I just love the feeling of finding a treasure...and that home is gorgeous.

  11. *giggle* Well perhaps making one of those drawers in that lovely dresser into a cat bed is in order. Haha!
    Have a terrific weekend Deb - Happy Mother's Day!
    xo Catherine

  12. Ohhh...I'll take a found treasure over IKEA any day!!! And poor Audrey...she simply must get a new bed!!!

  13. A lovely new (and old) piece for your home!

    Audrey, I have no idea how you can be comfortable.

  14. Poor Audrey! Suffering like that. Although, she does have a point! :)

    IKEA - the particle board palace. Good swap, I'll take real furniture over fake stuff anyway. Nice find!

  15. I see that Audrey suffers whilst you fritter away HER comfort and time acquiring gorgeous antiques...poor Audrey. :)

    I am excited to see pictures of the new treasure in your home.

  16. Poor cats, an old cardboard box and a shrunken bed. Maybe Ikea sells cat beds.

  17. Older is better in furniture and other things - and people! Our lilacs are right on schedule here is Iowa, USA. My Mother's birthday was May 8th and she loved lilacs which have always bloomed on her birthday. As I picked them on her birthday this year, I thought of how much I still miss her after 13 years. Poor Audrey is so mistreated with such a little bed, ;)

  18. Great treasure! You find some wonderful things. Audrey -- you are too funny!

  19. Audrey looks quite content with the bed she has. And that Fancy Feast carton may not go with your decor, but they'd miss it if it were thrown out.