Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A conversation-piece & Smudge.

This is a little 'treasure' found last week at our local antique shop.
Can anyone tell us what it is?
Seriously, we have no idea. :-b
Under the plug is a small area that holds something (I'm thinking ice) for whatever is in the bottle.
The area under the plug is not perforated. 

We think it is quite the conversation piece.
My guess is it would hold wine and the ice keeps it chilled. We were told it is around 100 years old but how the shop-keeper knew that beats me because she wasn't sure what the heck it was.

Here's another little treasure; the little crock that hangs in my window.

Last week it held pansies.
 It holds little mums today.
Linda...if you are reading this, can you tell me what this is called?

I met lots of gorgeous new kitty-clients today and will have a very busy weekend spoiling them.
I mentioned the other day that I was caring for a special cat this week and would be saying 'farewell' to her as she is soon moving with her family. That darling cat is fourteen year old Smudge. I have cared for her for ten years and will miss her so much. So, so much. This is the down-side to what I do.
I wish all the best to her and her family as they start their life in their new home. "Take care, dear Smudge. It was such a privilege being your cat-sitter." *sniff*

I miss her already.

On Sunday I hear I am the guest of honour for a family breakfast at my daughter's lovely home.
I'm sure there will be many wonderful get-togethers as we celebrate Mother's Day.
Sounds like a great weekend ahead.

hugs, Deb


  1. Smudge is a real beauty. I can see why you'll miss her.

    That treasure rates as an enigma.

  2. You are right that is a wine bottle and that little area is for ice to keep the wine cool. My Dad bought one in the Mediterranean many years ago. Sad to say goodbye to a sweet Kitty client.

    hugs, Linda

  3. The jug is indeed for wine. You put ice in where the plug is to keep it chilled. I had a similar one for years. I know they were popular in the 60's/70's.

  4. Oh no! Smudge! Darling Smudge is one of my very favorite kitties too. I'll miss that totally captivating little face and delightful demeanor. Please kiss her for us and tell her that we love

  5. Yes! Your right! It is a wine decanter....
    I have one made of clear glass! But,
    no handle or spout! And ice goes into
    the hollowed out part....
    That really is a nice one, be an idea to
    try and find out if it's worth anything....!
    I've never seen one like it...!

  6. The best part of your job is it sounds like it doesn't feel like a 'job' to you, but the opportunity to get to know and love even more cats ! It would be very nice if everyone who needed someone to watch their animals while they're away could get someone as special as you to do it. I have a feeling they'll be missing you in the future.

  7. Morning Deb....
    That would be a grape hyacinth or muscari....
    Cute little things aren't they?
    Those carnations look like roses! Beautiful!
    Enjoy your day....
    Linda :o) bill is in the mail! Ha!♥️

    1. Thanks Linda. You are another treasure. I'll pass this on to my daughter who asked. They are carnations, not mums? Oh, I am clueless. Ask me anything about a cat, though. hahaha!

    2. They are Carnations...must be a double...gorgeous!
      Why does one of my daughters cats always poop on the couch in the spare room???? I am waiting!!!

  8. Goodbye, sweet Smudge! Enjoy your new digs! Wouldn't it be nice if your humans would report back once in awhile?

  9. That was a great find Deb- and several commenters seem to think, as I do, it's for wine…..chilling a nice white I guess! Going to hit 90F here today - I think I'll be icing down a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc for dinner in the gazebo tonight!

    That Smudge looks so sweet!
    Enjoy your Mother's Day celebration dear.

  10. P.S. They might be regular Hyacinths.
    They have wider leaves.

  11. Everyone has already told you -- yes, that's a wine container that comes with its own ice container. I will miss seeing Smudge... wishing Smudge and family well on their adventure.

  12. I bet you are right about the mystery vessel. They should still do that for whites! Your pansies are so pretty with the light coming through!