Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chin up and cats-in-windows

Chin up, chin up, everybody loves a happy face. Wear it, share it, it will brighten up the darkest place. Twinkle, sparkle, let a little sunshine in. You'll be on the right side, looking on the bright side...up with your chinny, chin, chin.
This quote from Charlotte's web appeared in my head when I saw this face.

Annie in deep thought.

There's the sweet face I love.

It's a real treat for me to see Addy in her window today as she is a hard one to find in the house when I cat-sit her. She's even hard to see in her window today. For a long time I referred to her as the phantom cat but it is a bit better now. At least I get to see the south end of her heading north most days.

This beauty was spotted while out walking Kane this week.
and this little one in amongst the tv cords.
I could not get his attention away from the dog.

I think I woke this fellow up.

We are still waiting on rain today. The gardens need watering and it will help green up the lawns. 

Hope all is well where you are.

hugs, Deb


  1. She's a character alright :)
    I love that face.
    What a sweet little ditty, and so true.
    You have the best job in the world, surrounded by all those sweet cats.

  2. You've inspired me to also capture the cats I see while walking! My photos are not nearly as nice as yours, but it's so much fun to see kitty cats in the windows, or on a porch or lounging in a driveway. Addy certainly has a sweet face!

  3. Hahahaha! I love it. Addy DOES like to play with your mind doesn't she??
    See you soon for that walk.

  4. Annie appears to be contemplating world domination.

  5. Thanks for your comment on the boxes Deb. Rupert looks so large but is in fact the skinniest of them all under all that fur.

  6. I love that the apartment complex I live in only accepts cats. :) I will have to watch the windows closely to see if I can capture a photo. :) I am sure the cats you watch love to see you coming.