Saturday, May 17, 2014

'A beautiful morning' to you.

"Mornin' Deb" 
"I brought your camera in case you'd like to capture my adorableness"

And that, I did.

This is the face I often see next to me in the morning.
I've always said there is another side to Audrey.

Well, it's good that Audrey woke me up bright and early as this is a busy day of cat-sitting and some fun celebrating our grand-daughter's 4th birthday.
Here's what we are giving  her.

A hand-made closet/cupboard for her dolly clothes.
I may be passing the love of cupboards down to her. :)
It has little drawers, too.

I added a couple of outfits for her doll
wrapped in pink paper, of course. The carpenter is a fellow that lives in our town and makes a little extra cash on the side creating fun things for kids.
The little white four poster doll bed that we gave Riley for Christmas was also made by him.
Well-made and soon well-loved.  

How are you all keeping, anyway?

I think I mentioned that I am making smoothies now with my Nutri-bullet.
I love this thing.

Since starting our juice/smoothie regime, we are both feeling more energetic and healthy.
Our daughter is loving it, too. She makes one every day before work.

Today I made a drink with
Greek yogurt
1/2 apple
1/2 banana
1/2 orange
handful of black-berries, blueberries
and strawberries
chia seeds
flax seeds
lots of ice

this is when I warn the cats..."It's going to be noisy for a minute guys"
Done in no time. was so good.
I should go for a walk now but I need to vacuum the house.
And when you need to vacuum THIS house (6 cats (we have 2 extra)  and 1 hairy dog) need lots of energy but they are well worth it.
Here is a link to one of the nutri-bullet sites.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
It's a long one for Canadians.
Before I go I have one request. Would you please take a look at these two cats who desperately need a home. Their owner has passed on and these two seven year old, declawed and spayed cats are now homeless. 

New photos of bonded pair, Siam and Sri, whose time is running out. They are friendly, like to bump noses with you, be pet and roll over. They are 7 years old, declawed and spayed. email . Please share
They are with the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.

I know we can find a home by sharing this request.
Thank you.

hugs, Deb


  1. That little cupboard is so cute! As if all those kitty faces of course.
    Happy Saturday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. Oh, those two babies are adorable!
    Jane x

  3. Praying for new homes for those sweet cats! Love the cupboard! Riley will enjoy it so much I'm sure, great gift! Happy Saturday!


  4. I wish I could adopt them all. Right now I am in the guest room with our latest additino. He is such a sweetie pie.

    THe little doll closet is totally adorable and I love that it's locally made!

  5. Both those cats are beautiful. I wouldn't think it would be hard for them to find a home. Unfortunately with 5 inside and the increasing number of ferals outside... it is not a possibility for us. We have at least one new batch of kittens outside... and we are working at keeping an eye on them with the plan to get them to the adoption center in a few weeks.

  6. I just love the little cupboard. As its well made it makes me wonder how many little girls will get to play with it over the years.
    As for vacuuming the house, I can empathise with you, our 5 leave fur overcoats on every thing but as you say, we wouldn't be without them.
    Lovely photo of Audrey

  7. I hope all works out for the cats.

    A beautiful gift for Riley, and I quite like the sound of that smoothie.

    Ah, Audrey, you're too cute.

  8. She is going to love her little wardrobe! I truly hope those poor cats find a home together.

  9. Audrey poses so well. Lovely cupboard for Riley. And mmm mmm smoothie.
    I'm forwarding the info on the 2 cats to a southern Ontario cat rescue network to
    put the word out to find them a home or foster home.

  10. Audrey poses so well. Lovely gift for Riley.
    mmm smoothie. I am forwarding the information and website re: the 2 cats to a southern Ontario rescue network to spread the word to find a foster or permanent home for them. Good luck to them, they deserve it.

  11. Hope the 2 cats gets a good home soon. We have an older grey cat at our shelter desperately awaiting a home after her owner died, she lost her person, now living in a cage...all so sad.
    My friend Tina amended her will to include $500/year/cat to whomever cares for her cats whenever she passes on. Gail

  12. Audrey is such a sweet thing :) Full of spunk and sweetness.
    I just purchased a nutribullet the other day and have already used it twice.
    I hope these 2 sweet kitties find a home soon.

  13. Audrey's face would be a welcome sight any morning! That cupboard is so cute! I still have a doll's wardrobe that my grandfather made for me when I was a little girl looooong ago.

    I wish I could help with the cats from down here in Virginia. I do hope they find a home. So many cats need one.