Sunday, June 22, 2014

Around the house...

Here's the story on how the cats are getting along in our home.

Lily at 18 doesn't give two hoots about the newbies, Joe and Rae-Rae. She barely notices them.

Sierra hates them both.

Annie loathes Joe and tolerates Rae-Rae.

Audrey is terrified of Joe and hates Rae-Rae.

Joe tries to be the dominant by stomping around like John Wayne but he is actually, deep down, a coward.

He tried to make friends at the very start of their arrival but my cats would have nothing of it.

Now he likes stomping and scaring all the women. BUT...if Sierra gets mad at him he runs like a girl.

Rae-Rae stays upstairs all day and lies in the sun or on a bed. She will hiss at any cat that enters the room but that's it. She never makes a move for them. In the evening, she does her walk-about downstairs but hisses at any cat that comes near her except for her darling Joe.

Joe is bored with Rae-Rae and prefers stirring up trouble with the others.

Joe secretly has a crush on Annie but knows that she will pulverize him if he touches her.
All this but no blood shed so I'm happy.

Kane thinks they are all nuts and always has.

Well, I'm off to kitty-sit. I snapped this photo of one of my very co-operative kitty-clients.
He's such a handsome boy.

And I have my first basket of fresh strawberries just picked this morning to create a strawberry short-cake for dinner. Don't you just love summer!
hugs, Deb


  1. Definitely a handsome kitty!

    I suspect Kane might be right.

  2. I think Kane has the right of it. Your story sort of reminds me of what goes on here. Cassie and Teddy love each other, but don't care much for the interloper, Mina. Mina isn't sure about either Cassie or Teddy, but sometime I catch Cassie and Mina chasing each other in play. Other time it's a hissing fit all day long. Ah, well. Good thing it's a big house!

  3. Oooh, he's a beautiful boy! The look of love is in his eyes for his cat sitter for sure.

  4. I would almost do anything for some fresh strawberries! Yummy yum yum! You are so lucky. Love the break-down of "Cat Days of Our Lives" at your place; why can't we all just get along!?! Concern over how a new cat would fare in our house has put a damper on my zeal to add to our family...Angel just isn't a friendly girl, although Chuck would learn to adjust. That's why I want TWO new cats, so each pair can choose if they want to mingle or not. far...has put up a big STOP sign on my musings. I'll wear him down, in time...bwah ha ha!

  5. Your kitties are the cutest!! I love strawberry shortcake. Thanks for the idea, lots of strawberries in the garden today. Thanks also for stopping by, loved hearing from you.

  6. I love this post! So funny and so descriptive~Cats are crazy but I love 'em!!!

  7. It's a soap opera, isn't it? Reminds me of when my husband and I first got married and merged his two cats with my one. We had some interesting encounters along the way. :-)

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  9. HeHe! Yes! A soap opera...Great read of who's who's..
    Nice to wake up to.....It's 6:30 over here...I'm off for my
    first lemon tea of the day.....But! I shall be back for another
    peek and a read....Bless!

  10. They could have their own show. At least it sounds like there aren't too many cat fights. Good on you for sharing your home with Joe and Rae-Rae.

  11. Shakespeare plots aren't this complicated bahaha

  12. Ha! The babies....all of those personalities! Gotta love em' though!

  13. Thanks Deb for you kind comment.

    I see you ate a cat lover.
    Do you know Betsy? Another of Linda's friends?
    She is mad on cats as well lol
    Di you live near to Linda?

    Eddie :)

    1. Yes, I love cats, Eddie. So much I have made a business out of caring for other people's cats while they travel. I look after cats for almost 75 homes in the Carleton Place area. Good thing they don't all travel at the same time. :) I am not far from Linda - about 350 km East.

  14. Aw...I can relate to this! Lots of adjustment and hissing when there's a new one! haha. Strawberry of the best things about June, don't you think?

    love that ginger...what a handsome kitty!

  15. Cat dynamics are always interesting, if not fun. I have two foster-cats, one new, one returned, so there is some adjustment going on. I hope everyone is still in one piece when I get home from work today.

  16. Ah, the soap opera lives cats lead - so much more interesting than us dull humans. Your relationship playbook is proof that cats lives are far more complicated than just sleeping & eating. If you like drama, adopt a cat...or two or seven and life will never be dull again. Kane's opinion is spot on.
    Fresh strawberry shortcake is one of the best things about Summer. I have been making jam and filling my freezer with all kinds of berries and making jam to enjoy next Winter. Summer is delicious!