Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A 'special' little bowl

After caring for some stay-at-home cats near Perth today I took the backroads home and headed to Almonte. I had a reason and it wasn't just to grab a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread at Baker Bob's fine shop. No, I headed straight to a little antique/thrift shop where I saw something last week but made the decision to pass it up. Since then, I regretted it.

It was this little bowl that lured me back into the shop.

When I brought it to the cash the owner said "Oh, you are buying a Jackie bowl". Well, I knew this bowl was made in Perth and was an 'empty bowl' by name but she affectionately named it the Jackie bowl. She said she had many at home and felt she should let someone else discover this one.

'Jackie'  was Jackie Seaton, the founder of the Empty Bowl project here in Perth, Ontario. You can read all about it here...


I have shown you a beautiful pottery bowl that was given to me as a gift years back and it, too, was a Jackie bowl. And now I have two. :) It was only $12.00,  imagine.

I added it to my step-back cupboard and will be reminded, whenever I use it, of the dedication and talents of this local potter, Jackie Seaton.
He was a remarkable man and is missed by all who knew him.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a brilliant idea for a fundraiser. You have two treasures indeed.

  2. My favorite fundraiser of the year is the Red Cross' Empty Bowls event. I have many beautiful bowls by many talented potters -- bowls of all sizes, shapes and colors. It makes perfect sense and is one of the few fundraising events where the actual event is directly correlated to the cause. Thanks for sharing this -- I never knew how the event came about.

  3. We have Empty Bowls here, too. I look forward this event every year and missed it. (Baseball game) But they will sell some of the extras at the Urban Harvest Farmers Markets and I'll pick up at least one more -- maybe more. Jackie Seaton was a very special person.

  4. Deb, our pottery studio also donates bowls to the empty bowl project here in Dallas. It is definitely a worth-while endeavor.

  5. What a special bowl and an unselfish artist that truly gave back! XOXO

  6. It's a beautiful bowl and yes I'm a bit busy for the moment, doing bracelets and all my cat's.


  7. That is a great story of the Empty Bowl project and the money from the pottery sales going to such a worthy cause. It's a nice looking bowl and I'm glad you found it and got it.

  8. I love bowls, and that one is a wonderful find, especially with the back story. If I get to Perth I'll have to see if I can find another one in the antique store.