Friday, June 27, 2014

Foodie Friday

Six gorgeous, brown, organic eggs from free-range hens;  fresh from a local farm & boiled to perfection. I made egg salad for the weekend and was so fortunate to be given fresh onions from a clients' garden to add to it.  
My potted oregano is growing well and will taste great in a stir-fry tonight. 
It's such a pretty herb.

6 brown eggs, chopped onion, mayo to taste, pepper, salt and a dash of paprika. That's it. Easy and delicious.  

I always have company in the kitchen. Today it is Lily, our 18 years old white, domestic short-haired cat. She is doing well although she is very thin now. She keeps me hopping with her 6 small meals a day but I don't mind. I'll always make time for my sweet little Lily-bug.

"Oh, Audrey...I didn't see you there. Are you here to keep me company, too?"

"I heard there are 6 meals being handed out. I'll take mine to go."

"Oh Audrey...your 3 meals a day is quite sufficient. You'd be as fat as a hog if you ate that much. "
                                                         "Her rudeness reaches such levels. "


Cat-tip-for the-day=^..^= barn cats

Did you know that a well-fed barn cat catches more mice than one that is not fed? It is because they take their time while hunting and make less mistakes because they are not starving. So, feed your barn cats, please.

hugs, Deb


  1. Egg salad sounds good. But we would never eat that many real eggs. Bad for our health. We stick to the Egg Beaters. And on special occassions like Thanksgiving and Christmas we will have deviled eggs for a treat. Hugs! deb

  2. Audrey...Your a lovely show~off...HeHe!x
    I think Mum should send some of your lovely
    photos to Walt Disney Studios...."You never know".
    Bless! ~(^..^)~

  3. Ooh, egg salad. I haven't had an egg salad sandwich in forever. I do have eggs on the weekends and sometimes quiche during the week.

    6 meals a day. Wow, that does keep you hopping but we do what we have to for them don't we?

    Your cat photos are wonderful!

  4. I love egg salad and your fresh eggs sound great! Love Lily and glad to hear she is doing well.
    hugs, Linda

  5. I do like egg salad sandwiches, and it's been too long.

  6. Such precious photos, Deb. Egg salad is one of my favorites. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  7. Mmmm...egg salad :)
    Hugs for your Lily bug. ♥
    Understanding ear scritches for Audrey ;)

  8. We have been gifted with fresh eggs from a neighbor's hens--wonderful, however they are used.
    Our 16 year old Eggnog is fragile--not much caring to eat, her fur bedraggled--I can only gently cherish her.
    Surely the expression captured on Audrey's face is less than benevolent?

  9. Glad you had a kitchen friend.

    Do people really not feed barn cats? We can't believe that.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  10. I see Audrey has been "helping"! Nothing like farm fresh eggs and I do love egg salad.