Saturday, June 21, 2014

What a Crock!

This big crock is to hold our cat-litter. It was what I went back to the Log Farm Antiques for today. It was cheap and the exact thing I was looking for. When you have 4 cats and 2 free-loaders in your home you go through a lot of litter. I wanted the container to be much prettier than the cardboard box so this will do just fine. Maybe this can be my cat-tip-for-the-day. Find yourself a great container and fill it with your cat litter. Make sure it has a lid and add a scoop of some sort. I used an old coffee mug. Voila! No more eye-sore.

I couldn't pass up this little crock as I looked about at the Log Farm yesterday. Since I sent another bag of 'good stuff' to our local thrift shop last week I feel I can add to my collection of pottery. One thing in...ten things out. Sooner or later I will be surrounded by only those things that I love. ;-) I'm on a mission.

We are having beautiful weather. There are festivals all over our little town and everyone is out and about.

The sun is shining for Rae-Rae. Or so she thinks. =^..^=

I have something nice to share with you. I was shopping for pet food today at a shop where they show kittens that are in need of homes from our local shelter. There had been 4 there a few days ago and now  sat the last one all alone in the cage. This little 9 week old kitten looked lonely to me. I wondered how long it had been alone. I was just about to ask the staff when I looked over and there was a woman filling out a form and paying her fee to adopt this last little kitten. Her eyes were smiling and she was anxious to hold her. I could tell this was going to be a good home. So, off went the last of the 4 black kittens. Made my day!

hugs, Deb


  1. I put my cat litter bag in a closet..... no eye sore....
    Aaawww so happy the kitty found a home. Hugs! deb

  2. Good for the little kitten!

    Rae-Rae could use a brushing!

    1. Yes she can. It's scheduled for tomorrow.

  3. Kitten found a home :) ♥
    Love the new litter holder~

  4. What a great idea. I have a pseudo-milk tin that would probably hold a whole bag of litter. I like the inner bag to keep everything fresh.

  5. I'm shamelessly going to copy your idea of a crock for the litter. We have a plasic box and its horrible, thanks for the tip Deb.

  6. My mother is moving from a house to an apartment with her cat next month. She already has a crock that she was going to sell but now I'm going to suggest that she keeps it for cat litter. Thanks for the great suggestion!!

    Love that people are adopting black kittens. Black cats are the best - I've got three of them!

  7. I love the crock for litter! Yes cats need their litter but we need something attractive to put it in...great idea. Oh Rae Rae you are a gorgeous girl. Happiness is seeing kitties get a new home!
    hugs, Linda