Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bird watching can tire you out.

Yesterday was "Hug Your Cat Day" and, although I did not post about it, believe me, I did a lot of hugging. Fur-babies and munchkins were hugged as I spent the morning cat-sitting and a good part of the afternoon playing Hide and Seek, Ring around the Rosy and "All aboard the train" (which I set up for them with dining-room chairs 'cause I am one rockin' nana) with the grandittles . 

I'd have to say the biggest feline hug I got all day was from my kitty-client Moe.
He is one big mushball.
Such a handsome cat.
Audrey spends her time these days watching for momma chickadee to return to her nest.
It's maybe not so great for the bird but I'm lovin' the fact that she is keeping out of mischief.

I sometimes slide a chair at the door just so she's a little more comfortable.
That's just me spoiling the cats again.

This little bird was spotted taking time out from the heavy rain that fell this morning.

After much bird-watching, Audrey took a nap.
As you can see, as much as she loves to be able to stretch out in the big box, she is never quite ready to let go of the round, soft one.
She wants it all.
She's just like that, you know.

"Sleep tight, Audrey."



  1. Look at the sweet baby sleeping in the box!

  2. Great series of shots Deb...
    Don't you just love taking pictures!
    Ring around the rosey? Gosh...I forgot about that one!
    Love Audrey hogging both beds♥️
    Linda :o)

  3. That is an Eastern Phoebe visiting you! You may hear it calling. Says its name Phoeeeebeeeee
    Have a great weekend.
    Love that Audrey face :-)