Monday, June 16, 2014

Chillin' with my Charges

The sun is shining and we are back to the warmer weather now.
I have been busy primping and pampering some luxurious felines and wanted to share their charming faces with you.

Moe & Puff


l'il Jenny
Buddy and Molly

                                            Flash and Quincy 

Ask me if I love my job? *grin* 

hugs, Deb


  1. Ahhhhh!!! Such pretty babies!!! "Smudge" was one of my favorite books when I was a kid!!!

  2. You've got such a pack of adorable feline cuteness to look after.

    Sparky reminds me of a black cat we had named Misty.

  3. Oh, Deb, you do have the best job ever! Getting to hang out with those adorable little guys must bring a smile to your face every time you visit.
    Hugs and purrs!

  4. They are all such cuties! Great job you have.

  5. Ooh, such a fantastic job you have! Such pretty kitties...

  6. Now that's real cat worship, I'd say. Just for some other fun stuff, here's a list of pictures of cats and other pets doing human poses. It's like they're people.

  7. I think you are so fortunate to have a job that isn't a chore because you have such gorgeous clients!

  8. What beautiful kitties they are! Our Peque always does the same pose as Smudge does and Líl Jenny is a sweety she seems a pretty little teapot standing on the table! You really have the best job in the world Deb!

  9. So many sweet kitties!
    xo Catherine

  10. That Smudge has an interesting way of looking at the world.

  11. They're all marvelous kitties! My mum had a house panther Sparky.
    He was a gift from God wrapped in silky fur. Little Jenny is a sweetie.
    A little girlie through and through..

  12. They are so beautiful! Your job is one that must be loads of fun!

  13. Your blog has made me miss my cat! We are now dog people, mostly because of allergies. We had cats for many years, such wonderful companions...your photos are beautiful!