Wednesday, June 11, 2014

cat-in-window photo & cat-tip-for-the-day

This is my kitty-client, Jenny. Isn't she a beauty! We met for the first time today and it was love at first sight.

It is pouring today and the weather report says to expect the same for up to three days. *groan*
I'm either in the car or in client's homes during the day so it won't be too much of a nuisance for me but I do worry about the little ferals in our area. When it pours so hard they will likely hunker down and not come for food.
What a life stray cats lead. Scrounging and fighting for food and sleeping under buildings and trucks.  They seem to be everywhere and no end in sight. I only feed a couple that I see now at the warehouse. I can't get near them and they are often not in sight when I arrive. Others in our area feed dozens. Heart-breaking, isn't it? Possibly wherever you live you hear of the same problem.

          Cat-tip-for-the-Day=^..^= Making the indoors fun

We all want our cats to be safe and healthy so the majority of cat-owners keep their cats inside. These are referred to as 'indoor cats'. That is a wise thing to do these days with heavy traffic and many dangers for cats outside the home. If you have chosen to keep your cat inside it is important to make their indoor life worth-while. Cats get bored. I've heard people say that cats don't need too much attention because they sleep most of the time. I don't agree with that observation. Cats sleep too much because there is absolutely nothing else for them to do. We, as owners, should provide a happy and fun environment for our felines.
We are all trying to save money these days. Cat trees are a big hit for cats but you need not purchase such an expensive play-toy. Add a large shelf to the wall near a window and place a comfy basket or box on top. The cat should have room to walk on the shelf and then enter the basket. If you are handy, build a window seat that can screw into the window-sill and finish it with a soft cover. Cat's will spend hours looking out windows into the trees watching the goings on of squirrels and birds. They love that.  If you don't have a window-seat the back of a comfy chair placed close to the window will do.
If you have a fire-place and burn wood, take a block of wood and cut it down the center. Lie it face down on the floor (flat side down) and your cat will use this as a scratching post. It has to stay flat and not wobble around. If they are not attracted to it right away, rub some cat-nip on it. Praise your cat when she scratches her nails on it.
Place empty boxes around for the cat to discover. There is no end to the fun this will provide.
Get down on the floor and play with your cat. Even if you just pull a string or a feather on a rope you will attract kitties attention. They love for you to interact with them. No less than a dog does.

That's just a few ideas to keep kitty content on the cheap. I'll have more to come.

Time to do the supper rounds.

hugs, Deb


  1. The ferals, the strays, the give-aways. They all deserve a loving home. Someone sat at the edge of the Farmers' Market Monday afternoon with a crate of "Free Kittens". I thought of you and your blog last month. We didn't have a free spay & neuter clinic when I lived in Des Moines, but at least we had a low cost one.
    Thank you for all you do for our feline friends. I read your posts each day and love the pics of the cats.

  2. So sad for all the ferals. They don't choose to live that way. My kitties are all indoor only, and after seeing your post about the ESS, I picked one up my last trip in to Walmart. My two younger kitties LOVE it! They try to both play with the attached toy, jump up on it, play in the little tunnel, and even sleep on/in it. So much fun to watch! Thanks for mentioning it!

  3. Your town must be reasonably close to Kingston. Kim from Fuzzy Tales is getting the same downpour.

    As for boredom, you are quite right. I'm always worried my lot don't get enough to do. I have cat-trees by all the major windows, and once the warm weather comes, and the screens go on, the smells add a whole new dimension. Also, I've found adding a new cat keeps things lively...

  4. Just look at that Puff :)
    We are expecting rain, too. Just hope it waits till I get home!

  5. Good tips! Both kitties are real beauties.

    Well, we need the rain, and as I'm writing, the view outside is rather ominous. Still, I'd prefer the rain come down between midnight and six in the morning.

  6. The stray/feral cat problem has been frustrating every place we've lived. We have rescued so many over the decades, Sometimes they became part of the household, but there were some notable exceptions who couldn't seem to settle in and be family cats. Heart-breaking--expensive--on-going!

  7. Two new beautiful kitties! They're going to love their new cat sitter we're sure.
    The ferals break my heart. We are already having 42C/108F weather and water is scarce. I've taken to keeping food and water in my car for them but the inside of my car gets so hot when it's sitting . I wish I could think of
    something to keep the water cool on an ongoing basis.

  8. I saw the cat shelves on another blog and thought they were such a good idea, I've looked online and there's not much here in the way of shelves, we would have to make our own but I think we might have a go, they would love them.

  9. Such beautiful cats Jenny and Puff are! Lucky you to be surrounded by such beautiful animals all day!

    Happy day Deb!

    Madelief x