Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The long and the short of it...

I've been busy the last few days.
First I'll show you my two senior kitty-clients
sleek and shiny Ebony 
& Jenny
who is showing off her new shaved look for the summer.
Here she is fascinated with a neighbour's cat in her yard.
Ebony is 16 and Jenny is 20.

Funny little Willow
a colourful pastel calico
and her bud, Parker
stunning in stripes

And do you remember Oliver?
He lived outside and then was sent to our local animal shelter to see if he could be adopted.
Well, he wasn't adopted so back he came to the lovely people who fed him in their yard and now he has a home.
 His coat is luscious.
And I'm sure you all know this face. The lovely Dominique.
splotches of cuteness here and there.
And a new kitty-client, Moe
Is he handsome or what?

along with his buddy, Puff
wouldn't these two keep you warm on a cold night.
Moe is the brains of the two, Puff is the lover.
Isn't that a darling face?
They are soft as bunnies and love to have their coats brushed. 
They both come running when I arrive which of course would make any cat-sitter happy. Good thing I'm not on the clock 'cause I have a hard time leaving these two. :)

I'll have more to show you in another post.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Always fun to see your kitty clients -- the old and the new. Purrrs!

  2. Getting to love all those kitties... what a wonderful job! (of course taking care of litter boxes would be the down side, but still...)

  3. I wish you lived near me. I always worry when I hire pet sitters. My gang doesn't need much but still, a bit of extra love is always needed.

    The photos you showed of your purr clients .. very cute.

  4. You really do have a fun job, playing with all those sweeties!

  5. Such an adorable pack of feline cuteness!

  6. I'd never heard of shorn cats until I read it in 'catnip lounge'. I don't think it ever gets that hot here to strip our 3 fluffy one's thank goodness, I don't think they would take kindly to it. lol

  7. We just love to see all of our old friend kitties and meet new ones. Parker's little face is always a delight!
    Does Oliver come inside now? He's quite the regal gentleman.
    Deb, you take the most amazing cat photos. They're always so beautiful and always seem to capture a lot of personality.

  8. Hi Kari - yes Oliver does come in but they are not able to touch him yet. They will work on this very slowly. He will remain an indoor/outdoor cat now.

  9. What darling kitty clients you have!!

  10. You have so many pretty/handsome kitties. How much fun you must have!

  11. I love Jenny and Oliver..
    And that's that!

    Linda :o)

  12. They are all beauties and I'd love to hug each of them!