Saturday, June 14, 2014

Early bd surprise.

The sun is shining and it's about to become a warm, beautiful day.
Plans are on for a family picnic tomorrow to celebrate ALL THE WONDERFUL DADS IN OUR FAMILY and another bday for yours truly. How did I get this old? 

Is there anything nicer than a beautiful surprise birthday gift? My birthday falls on Father's Day this year, and after a busy morning fluffing up some fabulous felines, I found this gorgeous hand-made gift left at my door by friend and walking-buddy, Sue.
All wrapped up in plastic and tied together with a leopard-patterned bow.

Sue made this gift very personal. An African violet in the center pot, black licorice candy tied with a bow in another and jelly beans (these I'll probably lose to the retired-guy) in the other.
Gorgeous pots to fill for the deck. 

Thank you so much, Sue.
You are a good friend (to many) and a wonderful person. know what I love. How special is that?

side pots are filled with candy...SWEET!

The sun is showing it's face again. Could this day get any better?
Drop over to and meet Sue who is owned by my kitty-clients, Lucky and Addy.

              The next two weeks are filling up for cat-sitting.
Dear God: Please have my mommy call Debbie to care for me when they travel. She brings me toys and nip and she doesn't care if I cover her with my hair. She plays with me and carries me and sometimes I let her brush me. She gives me lots of attention because I am just a little kitty. She makes me happy and I luff her. Thank you.

And that's that!
hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! Happy Burfday! Happy Fathers Day! Happy Pussy~Cat Day!
    Happy......Happy.....Happy...(Hang on l think of summat)! HeHe!

    AND...Puddy~Tat saying it's prayers....Bless! ~(^..^)~

  2. Well, it must be a popular birthday weekend. I just said Happy Birthday to Olga too. So..oo Happy Birthday Deb! Have a wonderful day! (And my friend's husband and DIL's birthday is this weekend also)

  3. Happy Birthday Deb.

    I love that photo and prayer. Sweet.


  4. Very good of Sue!

    Happy Birthday to you, Deb!

  5. Happy, happy Birthday, Deb! I actually have something to send you...can you send me your address:-D XOXO

  6. A very Happy Birthday to you and Happy Father's Day to the retired guy! Have FUN!

  7. Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you Deb! And what a nice gift you received. I hope your special day is filled with sunshine and everything good.
    xo Catherine

  8. Happy Birthday Deb! You also are a special person and friend to many! I know we appreciate both you and your blog in our wee corner of the world:) Have a sweet birthday surrounded by your loved ones.XO

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Happy Birthday to someone who gives such loving care to so many furry sweethearts. May your day have been filled with love and much laughter.
    Dawna & Emma (the vampire kitty)

  10. Happy Birthday, Deb!
    Love the [future client's] kitty prayer!

  11. Happiest of Happy Birthdays! We are sure all of your ferals send you their love straight from their hearts although their life circumstances may not allow them to show you. God bless you.

  12. First, belated birthday greetings -- I'm catching up! I know it was very happy!

    And second, what wonderful photos in that post! Yes, call Deb!