Saturday, July 26, 2014

A little excitement and some favorite blogs

Oh, if only my grandittle, Bradley could have been here today. He would have loved all the excitement with the fire-trucks arriving to check out a near-by house.

All was fine in the end. Just a false alarm but I was very impressed at the little bit of time it took for these guys to arrive on the scene. Maybe three minutes.

Apparently, a smoke-detector was wailing away in an empty house where new owners are renovating but luckily there was no fire.

A certain somebody was not impressed with the loud noise coming through our open windows.
"What in blazes (pardon the pun) is that noise?"

And she went straight for her hidey-hole
for the rest of the day.

I know these photos won't surprise anyone.

Yes, Kane had ice-cream and a bit of cake on his 14th birthday.
I calculated on a chart that gives you the dog breed (Shetland Sheepdog) and his years converted to human years. So, Kane is now 72.
Dang, he deserves cake.

The challenge was to keep his big snoot out of the cake, while the candles were lit (I'm holding his head), long enough to get a photo that wasn't too blurry. Your seeing the best of our efforts.
Tomorrow it's back to healthy eating. :-))

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite blogs. As you must know, if you drop by here once in awhile, I could not imagine life without cats and I also love beautiful homes and stuffed-to-the-brim china cabinets. I'm a collector of blue and white china and of recent, pretty pottery pieces. So, I follow many blogs for different reasons. Here are just three that I would love you all to visit.
Just in case you missed it on a previous post, I'll send you over again to meet Mary at
Then, off to East Africa to meet Jo. Wait 'til you see the critters she photographs. Amazing! And she has gorgeous cats, too.
and if you still have some tea in your cup, head on over to meet John from Going Gently in Wales. He is a nurse who also runs a hobby farm and would wrestle you to the ground for a good scone. I guarantee he will make you split a gut with his expressions.

Have fun.
hugs, Deb


  1. We kitties wish Kane a Happy (belated) PURRfday!

  2. Wishing Kane a woof-ter-full 14th Barkday. Even though he is not a kitty, he holds a special place in our hearts because he tolerates all those kitty personalities he lives with & because he is such a handsom sweet boy. We're happy to see you got some nice treats to clelebrate too!

  3. You gotta love that Audrey....Certainly tells it
    as it is....Bless! :).
    Hope Kane managed to blow his candles out...
    Lovely age to....Another Bless! :>).

  4. I hope Kane enjoyed every minute of his special day!
    Jane x

  5. Happy birthday to Kane! My little grands would have LOVED the fire trucks! Glad there was no fire to go with them! Hugs...Debbie

  6. Cats are so immediately indignant about any noises or intrusions to their routine. Several of mine take issue with the use of the vacuum cleaner, although it is a relatively quiet one. In spite of their familiarity with it, they regard it as a menacing monster and make haste to disappear. They would sympathize with Audrey!

  7. My Tiger would have loved the fire trucks also! Love the pics of Kane and his birthday treats!! Happy Day!


  8. Happy Birthday, Kane!
    You look wonderful :)
    Thanks, Audrey, for making me smile.

  9. Cake and ice cream is a good birthday for Kane! I can sympathize with Audrey... the sirens hurt my ears, even though I know they're off doing important work.

  10. I love Audrey's reaction (I hope I have the kitty right) to the loud noises. What a relief it was a false alarm!

    Happy belated birthday to Kane. How sweet that he got cake and ice cream!

    Interesting blogs you shared!

  11. It is always good to know the emergency crews are not tending to a real disaster / tragedy.

    Happy birthday to Kane ! Healthy eating must be helping him ( birthday excepted ) because he looks great. I think the love he receives makes him the healthiest though. 72 , wow. When I am 72 I hope to be able to eat anything I want to , so hopefully those I am spending my time with are as kind as you ...bring on the desserts !

  12. Whe hope the birthday dog enjoyed his special day. It's obvious he loved his treats.
    Little boys and fire trucks. A natural pairing for sure.

  13. Happy B'day, Kane! You are a handsome goggy!

  14. Fun blogs...I look forward to visiting them!

    I do agree Kane deserves treats on his birthday! What a sweet old man!

  15. Happy birthday, Kane! What a wonderful old doggy.

  16. Happy Birthday to Kane! Yes, indeed, he deserved cake and ice cream. :-)