Thursday, July 24, 2014

Otis and a treat for you.

Believe it or not...

Kitty-client, Otis
Otis is happy to see me and gets very excited when I visit him. He follows me around to be sure that all duties are done to his satisfaction and he is the first one (of three cats) to stick his head in the cat bag. Often, I have to help him get it out.
If I was to go on his facial expressions...well, I'd surely misunderstand the charm of this adorable cat. I'd at least think I bored him to tears.

It was wonderful seeing you again, Otis.

I am heading out the door in my new runners. Walking has always calmed me, and after the last few days I need to step up my walking regime.  I am not myself; I'm nervous, tired and fidgety but I know it will pass with time. I have to know where Sierra is every minute of the day which will have to change before it drives me and my family nuts. She is not asking to go out on the porch; only once and I sat with her. She is still grooming too much but I know that will stop soon.  She is eating fine which makes me happy. I've hugged her a million times.

Now, here is a little treat for you all. I'm sending you over to a beautiful blog that I find interesting and inspiring. Mary takes fabulous photographs of places and things and her home is absolutely lovely. No cat hair, can you just imagine. :-b I know I never will. haha!  She has such unique style. Recently, she posted about her love for blackberry galette.  And as you have guessed, Mary does not live with a feline at the moment but has photographed many on her worldly travels and we cat-lovers can enjoy that. So, give yourself a treat and go over for a visit. She'll take you on some amazing vacations.

Enjoy your day, everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Otis is one cool cat! The trauma will ease soon Deb, but it's understandable for both you and Sierra! Hugs!!!


  2. I'm happy to read that Sierra wasn't too badly affected by her kidnapping. What an awful thing. I always check to see where my cats are before I leave the house and after I return, so if what happened to Sierra happened to one of them, I can well imagine myself needing to be reassured about their presence constantly, just as you are now. The brain can no she will be fine; telling the nerves is another matter.

  3. Mary has a beautiful blog. The pictures are terrific.
    I hope you have a beautiful day too. Blessings, Catherine

  4. Lovely to see the handsome Otis again. Just what I need -- another blog to follow!
    Hugs to you and Sierra......

  5. Otis is a handsome fella!

    Heading over to Mary's page....

  6. I need to get out and do more serious walking - and once it cools a bit I will!

    How very sweet and kind of you to say such nice things about me and my blog Deb - this post was a huge surprise and I thank you for your generous words.
    I have been fortunate to travel to some beautiful places in the world and I love sharing my pics. I'm also a bit of a homebody too - loving time to change things about in the cottage and work in the garden. I miss the sweet cat who lived here for 21 years and some day, when I no longer travel as much, I would love to have another one, or two perhaps!

    Thank you Deb - have a wonderful weekend and hug Sierra for me please.