Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Play-time (or not)

Annie is our biggest player. She loves her ESS and spends time on it every evening at the same time. She eats dinner and then promptly heads over to her toys to let loose and go nuts for awhile.

Audrey watches her from atop the couch and eventually will join in. This can sometimes lead to a squabble because Annie gets fed up with her getting in her way and will eventually bite her in the butt.  That's not nice, thinks Audrey. She thinks Annie is a bit of a 'mommy dearest'. I tend to agree. But then the tables will turn and Audrey will chase her mom around the house until she tires her out. Audrey never tires but will soon head back to her favorite bed made of purr-fect-sized boxes.
Settled for a light nap.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb, what a wonderful post. Our cats love to play; the oldest one (we think he's about 12 years already) plays the most. Do your cats play alone with their feather (ESS)? We have to wiggle our cats' for them. They each have, but also want to play with the one the OTHER cat has! Thanks for your visits to my blog. I have had a number of other visits who come from your blog! Have a great day. Jo

  2. Such a play-girl you are, Annie! I can get Chucky to fly around chasing a toy, but Angel will simply sit and watch...or leave the room entirely. Every once in awhile I can engage Angel for a minute or two, then she's through. But a moth or fly in the house, and she's a ferocious hunter!

  3. My parents' cats tended to be more playful if they didn't have kittens- I remember one named Misty and another named Pandora who could be very playful when they set their mind to it.

  4. Cassie and Teddy put on their combat boots and chased each other up and down the hall upstairs. Mina and I just cast our eyes upward while all that was going on. Then we sat down and played with one of the roller balls. Annie and Audrey ... lucky ladies!

  5. Charlie plays a little bit most everyday. It makes me smile. Even as an old guy he has his moments and I've even seen him chasing his own tail again (he did it as a kitten). I love miss annie!
    hugs, Linda

  6. How cute! They look like they're having fun...and napping in boxes is a favorite!

  7. I think there is an inner joy Annie has.
    She appreciates her home/life because she had experienced such a difficult life before she came to you.
    Her delight spills out in her play.

  8. Cute kitties! My Stormy loves to nap in boxes for awhile, but then just ignores it and I'll throw it out. My spoiled kitties love to sleep in whatever room I'm in!

  9. I used to buy those feathers on the stick at the $ store...
    Do they still have them?
    I love Audrey!♥️
    Linda :o)

    1. Oh yes, I usually bring home a new one from there when I drop in. They rip them apart. :) Audrey is a charmer and soft as velvet.

  10. Your babies are so sweet! I'm wondering if our Chase Bird needs a playmate/friend. He has been alone with us for about 9 months.

  11. Annie, I always pictured you as sedate and sweet. I'm delighted you let loose and play ♥
    Audrey reminds me of a tiny panther. I love her fur and gaze.

  12. My cats like playing as much as possible. sometimes, when I don't have time or energy to play with them, they try to ask me and begging me about the play. I can't say no for this sad eyes Grat story!

  13. It's funny how some cats play, others do not. I try to interest all of mine in playing but some just won't budge. Others like to do nothing but play. The wonders of personality.

  14. I especially love that first photo of Annie. Looks like she's smiling!