Saturday, July 5, 2014

What made you smile today?

Passing by these beautiful morning glories while out walking Kane made me smile.
Sharing my ice-cream with a charming tabby.
Deciding on a new tea to try and being pleasantly surprised.
Treating myself to a perfect mug for that tea after a very busy few weeks.
Picking just the perfect flower for my teenie-weenie vase.
Having an ear when I needed it. *smile*

Hope you had plenty to smile about today. Do share with us.

hugs, Deb


  1. Have fun at the art show!

    I think the sound of a cat purring would bring about a guaranteed smile.

  2. Oh, that pretty cat looks like my Domino!

    Those gorgeous tea cups with the red flowers are making me smile! I want them!

  3. Sign me up for a cats purr! God blessed us when He gave the cat it's purr. There is nothing in this world is quite as soothing.

  4. Gorgeous morning glories. I'd be delighted to get out for a walk ... rain rain and I don't dare complain ... drought is too easy to fall back into! Your post made me smile -- love sharing ice cream with a fur babe! Enjoy the Floral Explosion!

  5. Had fun with Miss V...
    Boyfriend away...just the girls for pizza!
    That made me smile....
    Linda :o)

  6. Finding a huckleberry tree just FULL of ripe berries! Hubby and I filled our travel mugs with berries, and then went back for more. A delicious taste of summer...made me smile!

  7. FLoral explosion, I like the sounds of that! ALmost as good as a chocolate explosion.