Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mystery flower

Kitty in front of a window.

Photo taken in our town.

It's so nice this time of year just to step outside our door and have fresh flowers to pick.

This little pottery vase was a thrift find for $1.00
I put this in my daughter's room just because.

Apparently, this flower is called a Ground Cherry and the fruit is edible.

(off the web)
I have some reading to do on these. That is after I care for all the kitties, vacuum this house & pull a few weeds.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the kitty in the window! Loving on my Charlie before leaving today! My neighbor has become my 'cat sitter' and visits him twice a day. I am so lucky!

  2. Ground Cherries...they are beautiful!

    I need to vacuum today, too! I just said the carpet looks like a barn yard. ha.

  3. Ground Cherries look like Japanese lanterns, but they are not edible (eat-able?) Isn't it fun to find a new plant? I would vacuum today, but the vacuum is in the hubby's trunk and no one has remembered to bring it into the!

  4. Glad the mystery is solved!
    Perhaps you could make some jam....huh Deb?
    My boyfriend vacuumed yesterday...hahaha!
    So...I went to Winners and Longos instead!
    Enjoy your evening my friend...
    Linda :o)
    Ps...that wee vase is perfect!