Thursday, July 31, 2014

What made you smile today?

For me, it was my kitty-client, Sparky.
He is appropriately named because one minute he is like this and in a spark he is gone.
He is a wee bit of a nipper but I finally have him figured out. *ouch*
Sometimes I'm a slow learner. :-b

And look at all these smiles.

That's my son, John, with his 4 year old's soccer team, The Green Growlers.
He loves coaching them as they are not only cute but so darn fun to watch.
It doesn't seem that long ago that he started playing soccer at the age of 6 and now he's a coach.
There's Riley in the front row second to the left.  
She's a darn good player already just like her dad.

Taking time out for a good cup of tea and a fresh muffin.
Not just any muffin, though.
A raspberry, blueberry, blackberry muffin.

I made a batch of two dozen.
Where they all went...I have no idea.

my sister is home from her surgery and all went well.

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb


  1. Wishing your sister a speedy recovery! Sparky and the kids are all dolls!

  2. It's good to read of your sister's progress. That must be a relief for you and your family. You'll have to make her some more muffins, since the first batch mysteriously vanished.

  3. Sparky is lovely! I've never had a nipper, but did have a scratcher...that cat couldn't put his paw out without a claw getting in me. ha.

    The muffins look wonderful! Glad your sis is doing well!

  4. So glad your sister is home. Sparky is a handsome dude. I love black cats. My Magic was a talker and left this earth at the age of 23. What a dude! Great photo of the soccer players ... what fun for your family. I'm not going to pay attention to the muffins ... no sugar for me... sad.......

  5. Hope your sister has a quick recovery. :)
    Those muffins look so good. I'm very sad to hear they are all gone, though!

  6. Sparky! He's delightful! My mum's last cat was a black cat named Sparky. When she came to live with me because of her Alzheimer's, Sparky and I became very close. I called him my cat brother. Calm but playful, intelligent, loving and always delightful, maybe he's why I so love black cats.
    I can't believe Riley is old enough to play team soccer! Goodness ! What a fine dad Riley has.

  7. Good news about your sister. She'll be in our prayers.

  8. Love that cat! Oh gosh it's great to see your kids grown up and coaching kids of their own isn't it. Time flies by so fast! Glad you sister is ok. I'm about to take Ashleigh for her oral surgery.

  9. My Ebano is like the Spark!!!!

  10. This post brought a smile to my face!!!

    My co worker says that all the birds and critter that come to my little yard must think that they found a play ground or an amusement park!!! LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!


  11. Sparky's a handsome fellow. I've always liked black cats.

  12. Glad you figured out how to handle the nipper! It's amazing how quickly time flies by and doesn't it seem strange to see the next generation doing what we so clearly remember their parents doing?

  13. Love the soccer team pic and I'm glad your sis is doing well!