Friday, July 18, 2014

Kitchen time before the rush

It's been a quiet week for cat-sitting, as I only had one little stay-at-home kitty to care for, but the weekend is approaching so that means more kitties to pamper. I have 5 tuxedos, 1 calico and 2 ginger-boys to care for for the next few days. I'm looking forward to that.
Because it was a little quieter,  I had time to cook a little more and added a few things to the freezer. One large vegetarian lasagna and a few scrumptious tea-cakes & cookies.
Enjoyed lots of tea-time, too.
I look at these cups as little pieces of art.
I keep my loose tea in this little pot. 

A slow week also gave me time to dust and change up a few things in the dining-room.
and shop for some local produce from a near-by farm.

I'm a bathroom diva showing off my hair-cut. This is for my friend, Shelia. (Hey Shelia,  *wink*)
 Have you ever tried taking a picture of yourself in a mirror? It's no easy feat...especially when a certain kitty wants up at the same time.
and I always oblige. After-all, I am a slave to this soft as velvet feline.

I captured a  kitty in a window for you this week and this little one was very leery of old Kane.

Hope you are having a great day. It's getting hot here again and that's just fine with me. It will be in the +30's by Sunday. July is going fast, isn't it?

Hugs, Deb


  1. Sounds like a productive week. Blessings, Catherine

  2. Lovely photos ! Yup selfies are tuff to take in a mirror lol ! Sounds like you had a nice week though ! Humid again here to and rain for us tomorrow ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  3. Aww, Audrey's such a cute center of attention!

  4. Deb, you are a true pottery lover... I look at cups as art too. And you are definitely better at selfies than I am. Mine coming out looking very strange... of course that could just be my normal look.

  5. Love the photo in the mirror...mine turn out awful! I love that cupboard of yours!

  6. Great 'selfies' - love them both but especially the one with Audrey.
    Your hair looks so pretty Deb.
    Love your dining room too!

    Happy weekend -
    Hugs, Mary

  7. Hi Deb, you sure have some pretty pieces there. I love the stoppered pot! And I love the kitty pics! Good selfie in mirror. I struggle with those too! Do you go to the relevant kitties' homes when you kitty-sit them? Greetings Jo

  8. That Audrey! What a Little Miss Photobomb.