Saturday, July 19, 2014


The weekend will fly by as I am busy running this way and that.
Lots of gorgeous cats to care for and pamper to my heart's content.

Jo from asked if I go to the homes of the cats that I care for and the answer is "Yes, I do."
I run a cat-sitting service for 'stay-at-home' kitties so there is no need for them to go to a kennel while their owners travel.
It is a well-appreciated service in our area.

Here are a few reasons why I think this is the best option for your cat.
1. They are able to stay with all their familiar 'stuff'.
2. With two visits a day their day goes by quickly since they sleep much of it away on their familiar beds and chairs.
3. No cage...that's a big one.
4. They are safe from any illness that might break out at a kennel.
5. I (as the sitter) can spend as much time with them as I feel needed.
6. Most times a radio is left on with soft music, always lights are on timers and the home is kept at a comfortable temperature.
7. They have their favorite windows to sit in while waiting for their sitter to arrive.
8. Their 'favorite cat-sitter' will keep their owners up-to-date by email on how they are doing.
9. And, because they are at home, if there ever is an emergency, their familiar veterinarian is usually the one closest to their home.
And lastly,
10. I don't think they can spend time with anyone who LOVES CATS more than someone who has chosen this type of work. (If you can call it that ;-)

So, there it is. I started this service because I wanted it for my own cats twenty years ago and realized that there was a need for this in our area.


And I do love to photograph cats so I now have a beautiful collection of some of the most gorgeous cats in the world.

I'll show you some of my favorite photos next time.

hugs, Deb
 (Cat-nanny extraordinaire)


  1. You are the best cat nanny ever! I've been so lucky that my neighbor has watched Charlie for me now and will do so on my next vacation. She comes over twice a day and it has been so much better then poor Charlie being moved around. She won't take payment but I do something special for her for sure!
    hugs, Linda

  2. The best place for kitties when their humans are gone is in their own home with daily (or twice daily) visits from a responsible caring cat sitter. The kennel and cage thing is just not good for them and with their humans gone any length of time it can cause depression and separation anxiety.

    Your clients both human and especially kitty are so lucky to have you as a cat caretaker. I wish you lived in my area. I might even be tempted to take a vacation once in a while.

  3. Cat-nanny extraordinaire is right!

  4. Ah Deb, you are a very special person and one after my own heart! My own cats have their own personal "kitty carer" when we go on leave to SA every ten weeks. They stay in their own environment (I agree, yes, this is BEST) and there is no upheaval. We're in contact with Regina every day from our other home and she keeps us informed on what's going on. Which is normally that the cats are eating well and sleeping even better! At home in SA we have one kitty and she and our three SA dogs are cared for by Emily. She keeps us up to date about their well-being as well. My son and DIL live next door to us, so if ever the cats need medical attention, they do this for me. Thanks for your insightful post. Greetings. Jo

  5. Can you please clone yourself and send the clone to Boston? Pleeeeze?? I have had such a turnover of sitters (I use a local service). My favorite sitter is often not available. I would never put my kitties in a kennel, but it can be a struggle to find someone to visit twice a day. Your kitty clients are so lucky!

  6. It really is best for them to be at home instead of in a kennel. You do good work with your kitty clients.

  7. That is a wonderful service you provide! We've been lucky to have a girl that comes twice a day to take care of our kitties the last few times we've been away from home. I am looking forward to seeing your photos!

  8. Such a fun job and I'm sure it doesn't feel like a job at all! I totally agree with your list...better for everyone involved!

  9. Deb's THE best!!! She has cared for many of our babes over the years and we always come home to a lovely note and a happy cat. She's taken some beautiful photos of our beauty Rosie...we are blessed to have her for sure.

  10. Hmm, I'm not sure if my last attempt at a comment took. Let's try again! If we lived closer, you'd be my go-to catsitter. You're the best!

  11. Such a good job you do Deb. I think cats are much happier at home, and although a bit lonely it is much better than a cattery. Miss Pops hates going to the cattery.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. I was just getting ready to shut off the computer, and thought I might pop in to see you first....When I saw the cat/hamster photo, I laughed out loud !! I will think about it all day...too funny!

  13. Love your post title!
    And that last picture of you.....lovely!
    Linda :o)