Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Well, that's a first. Looks like both cat and photographer was caught in this photo.

I was poking around in a thrift shop again this week and came home with four little treasures.
                                                   2 coffee mugs & 2 tea cups
                                                          Beautiful pieces of art.

I'm going to have quite a collection of pottery mugs soon and that is what I'm working on. I want to fill my kitchen cupboard with beautiful pieces of art. I took two bags of 'stuff' to the thrift shop this week so I'm happy to bring home these treasures.

Two rabbits, one deer, five crows and one cat met me at the feeding spot tonight. Good that I brought along some grain-filled bread for the not-so-feline. Everything is hungry and could use a bit of help no matter what time of year it is. I was mad at myself for not having my camera. Won't make that mistake again.

Are you having beautiful weather in your part of the world? We are in the dog-days of summer and the living is easy. *smile*

                                      "Hello Moon"

hugs, Deb


  1. Gosh deb lovin' that little jar with the cork stopper... i have one similar that i found in a thrift store..... Hugs! deb

  2. I passed a kitty in a window today- didn't have a camera on hand- and said hello to him or her. The kitty just stared back as if to say, "you startled all the birds I was watching."

  3. I always feel a little sad for the kitty's in the window...but most of them like my Lucy are afraid to go outside. It is amazing how many critters come to visit her on our patio. I do like you pottery mugs... i am attracted to them also.

  4. All your pottery finds are really nice. I know they are little works of art for sure. It's just so hot here, but suppose to cool down a tiny bit later this week.

  5. You have THE best thrift shops.....
    Linda :o)

  6. Lovely kitty...looks like my Grey!

    Don't you just love the thrift store? You do what I do...take in a bag of stuff and walk out with a treasure or two!

  7. I love the image of photographer and cat in the window. My cats LOVE to sit in windows, but there's only gauze between me and them; I think I'll get Ambrose (my youngest cat) to post his unca Shadow in a window this weekend. Love that you feed all the "strays" out there. I also wondered: do take more to the thrift shop than bring home? LOL. Have a great day. Jo

  8. Lovely pottery Deb - looks like your collection will be growing fast if you frequent that thrift shop.
    We are still feeding the birds which of course includes dastardly squirrels too! However, the figs are plumping up now so I will need to deter the critters from eating them soon - that means keeping the feeders empty for a while.

    Cold front passed through last night after a huge storm so we should be a wee bit cooler for at least a few days - that means 80's instead of 90's - fine with me.

    Hugs, Mary