Thursday, July 3, 2014

Morning Glories

I am just finishing up three of the busiest weeks of cat-sitting in 20 years of providing this service. Busy, busy, a cat chasing it's tail. There are still a couple of pampered kitties needing my service but the rush has calmed.

I have cats at home to groom and a dog that needs his weekly bath but first a little 'me' time is in order. As a matter of fact, I think I'll take as much of that as I can get in the month of July. It's summer, afterall. I'll do some 'teasure' hunting and a few day trips here and there.

This photo is for you, Linda. Now that I dug up the photo,  I realized that these beauties were Morning Glories not Sweet Peas. There they are in all their glory at the end of a client's country drive-way.

If you love flowers, drop on over and visit Linda today.

hugs, Deb


  1. I LOVE Morning Glories and use to have them climbing by the house too! Have a great weekend, XOXO

  2. Wishing you plenty of well-earned 'me time' throughout July Deb!
    Love Morning Glories - mine are climbing but no blooms yet.

    Happy 4th - thanks for all your kind comments whilst I was traveling, I enjoy sharing bits from around the world!
    Hugs - Mary

  3. Blue morning of my very favorites! Lovely photo!

  4. Those are some gorgeous morning glories! I love them and use to see them all the time when I was in 2nd grade and walked to school! What a fun memory!

  5. So many lucky kitties having you care for them Deb! Hope your summer is going well and that you are enjoying some sunshine!
    xo Catherine

  6. Those morning glories are gorgeous, Deb! What a pretty shade of blue. Glad to hear you're keeping busy with your kitties and it must be a comfort to all the owners who know their fur babies are in good hands.
    We are having a really hot week but I'm not one to complain after the horrendous long and cold winter we had. The first hurricane of the season is heading our way this weekend though. Not looking forward to that. Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend.


  7. Morning glories! Haven't seen morning glories in ages. Goodness! Aren't they beautiful!!! In hot weather there's nothing more cool and peaceful than a blue flower.

  8. What a nice colour. They remind me of cornflowers in their hue. Kari is right: a light blue flower is very peaceful. It's as if it reflects the infinity of the sky, but in a size to which we can relate.

  9. I love morning glories too! We used to have blue ones climbing all over our mailbox by the street.

  10. Hi Deb!
    I have been AWOL!!!
    Thanks for the mention...and those are gorgeous!!!
    I used to grow them, but the last few years they have been punky...
    Planted a Moon Flower...we'll see how she does!

    Linda :o)

  11. Wow ,those are some really gorgeous morning glories!!