Friday, July 25, 2014

Just skip the bread

Even though it was a busy day, I squeezed in some time for baking a few loaf cakes and muffins today. With all the berries in season,  it was only right that I make blueberry/raspberry/blackberry loaf-cake. My true-blue kitchen companion was once again close by to be sure that everything was going as scheduled. She takes this job very seriously, as you can see.

While all was baking, she pointed out that the bananas were just about ready for banana bread.
Her idea of eating banana bread bread....just butter, please.
Can you imagine that?
 hugs, Deb


  1. Such a beautiful stare out of your kitchen companion! And such tasty food!

  2. Good kitchen help is hard to find...

  3. It's not easy finding good kitchen help, looks like you got a lovely helper.

  4. You have a faithful helper there ! Your baking sounds yummy! Have a great day, Deb, Greetings from Tanzania. (Jo)

  5. The two of you in the kitchen, together. All is right in the world.

  6. the cat will eat these banana. i think that would me great. nice cat.. thanks

    click here for Funny photos of cat.

  7. Cutie girl. I hope you gave her some butter! ;)