Sunday, July 6, 2014

New cat on the block

This is not the normal pose of our laid-back, always friendly cat, Sierra. She is our in-door/out-door cat who loves to greet people on our porch and hang out with us on the deck.
What she does not like, though, is strange cats appearing out of nowhere on our property.
So, you guessed it.
He's a handsome devil (I can hear Natalie from laughing from here) but he is rufflin' some feathers. Maybe he was thirsty and helped himself to Sierra's water which I keep topped up on the back deck.
I'm hoping he is a newbie in the neighbourhood and he is just checking out his territory.
Please don't be homeless and hungry. :-[

My tomato plants are budding. That always makes me hungry for a home-grown tomato sandwich.
My daughter started them from seed and they are doing really well.

hugs, Deb


  1. From the pic, he looks in good shape, so I doubt he's homeless.

  2. Poor Sierra, some feline interloper in her space.... :)
    Gwynn is adorable in that hat.

  3. We're not so sure we'd like a stranger in our yard, either.

  4. Your Gwynn is gorgeous!

    I've taken in 20 hungry and homeless! Poor babies! The ones already here have to accept them first though. The ones that make them hiss and go crazy don't stay.

  5. I can understand Sierra's dismay. I, too, hope the new cat has a home. :-)

    Your tomato plants look healthy! Ours haven't done well. And love the pic of Gwynn and her granddad.

  6. I think Gwynn looks just like you! Did you get any rain from Arthur? We stayed dry, but this week it's going to be hot and humid:-( XOXO

    1. Thanks Susan. She really is the image of her dad but it makes me happy to think she looks like our side, too. We only got a bit of rain and humidity. Today it is very humid but more rain coming. Thanks again for the gorgeous apron. I just love it. Will post tomorrow. :)

  7. Kitties are territorial. We hope this handsome boy is just surveying the neighborhood. I have a hard time deciding which I like most: home grown tomatoes or fresh sweet cherries. I'm in heaven, either way! Gwynn is growing so fast and such a cutie-pie.

  8. Gwyn is so the hat! Oh we don't like strange cats in our yard either!!


  9. Your kitty visitor is gorgeous! Look at his beautiful face and lovely colouring!
    I have to say that I say the same thing when a kitty shows up at my place. That's how I ended up with a house
    I think Gwyn resembles her Grandad.
    You posted a photo a while back where the resemblance was very obvious. She's a sweetie pie, for sure. Those big Bambi eyes will get her everywhere. They're irresistible.
    My kingdom for a home grown tomato!

  10. HEY! What's Emerson doing over at your place??!

    1. He looks like Emerson's other brother. haha!

  11. Looks like Sierra is ready to chase off any interloper! Don't fall for the handsome, sweet-talkers, Sierra! Can't tell who is enjoying themselves better: Grandpa or Grandkid!

  12. Sierra looks very mad at the other kitty invading the deck! LOL! My tomato plants are doing well too. Hopefully the weather stays agreeable. Your grandbaby is a cutie!
    xo Catherine

  13. Sierra, I won't blame you. Me is the same.
    And sweet little human, she is only 10 months old....good age ! , I think we kitties can start to do brainwash her to grow up to be a cat pawson !....tee...heh