Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What made you smile today?

My Annie, of course. That is a face that calms me on a busy day and welcomes me home.

Spending time at this place; learning more about my heritage and the little piece of land we will call home very soon. So many questions...

Enjoying breakfast out where there is no need to even order anymore. Cindy just knows what we want and says..."the usual?"

Continuing on with my 'purging' of those things once enjoyed but not so much anymore. Time to pass things on to thrift shops while remembering the motto...'Only surround yourself with things you LOVE.' It's incredible how happy that makes you feel.

And what's a day without indulging in a pot of special tea.
 Only to be made better with the company of a charming feline.

A big smile for Kane who Aced his vet appt. and got a 'thumbs up' from his Dr. for another year.
He has lost some sight and his hearing isn't worth a plug nickel but other than that he is doing well. We deal with his environmental allergies (ragweed) every year with benadryl and soothing baths so that's nothing new.  At age 14, we are happy with his results. His health was good enough for him to get his rabies shot today. Now that doesn't seem like much of a prize, does it?
 He was a real sad-sack at the vet clinic (head down and tail between the legs) so the retired-guy took him for a tim-bit after his appt. No...not the plain one; that just won't do. He wants one with a glaze. He may be old but he's not stupid *grin* (and I think he got two).

Now life is good again.

Got some *smiles* to share today?

hugs, Deb


  1. That's a wonderful portrait of Annie!
    Congratulations to Kane for an excellent vet visit!
    With all the things we have to smile about, it seems that the furry ones are always at the top of the list. What joy they bring to our lives!

  2. Oh Kane, you remind me of our cat ,Byron. On any road trip she would get a TimBit during the journey...she would see the brown bag and get soooooo excited!
    Jane x

  3. Way to go, Kane! Well done! Hugs to Annie, too.

  4. Aww, Kane, good for you. Glad to hear the vet visit went well. Glad you got a timbit.
    Seeing such a sweet photo of Annie gives my heart happy sparkles. ♥
    The archives building looks so interesting...have you ever tried My library lets you use it free (in-library only) with a card. So many interesting things. All good reasons to smile.

  5. I hope I'm in as good a shape as Kane when I reach the equivalent in human years as dog-14. Good for him!

  6. Such sweet faces so full of love. Makes me happy to see those photos!

  7. Annie's eyes have always been extraordinary. If only she could talk.
    From sad sack doggie to happy, laughing boy- Kane, you are a treasure!

  8. Kane certainly did look sad-sack at the vet's, but the smile was perfect afterward! Life can be fairly good sometimes...