Friday, July 25, 2014

Ending the day with a smile.

Two little cuties for you today while out walking Kane.

I see cats everywhere in this town.

and then a face that brings a smile...

This wise

Is he not adorable? He is Cortez, my kitty-client.
He lives in the country and enjoys a little time with me on his deck in the afternoon.

It was a gorgeous day. Not too hot and lots of sun. I was really busy cat-sitting and then finished up with dinner at the pub with family. Here are two of my favorite dinner buddies.

Two smiles for Nana...

                                      Bradley and Riley
Fabulous faces, all around.

Well, if that isn't just what I needed. :-)))

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy faces indeed! Glad you have a good time at the pub.

  2. Aw...sweet grands! What fresh, lovely faces!

    That a sweet old man! ha.

  3. Love the kitty looking out from under the car! Oh those grands are gorgeous! Makes your day those smiles!

  4. Your grandchildren are just gorgeous! I am glad you had a good day.

    I know you are working at putting it all behind you but, as I try to visit your blog once a week, I am late in letting you know how I empathize with what you have been through; I was horrified and outraged at learning of beautiful Sierra's kidnapping!

    Serena never goes outside unescorted anymore although where we live, it is primarily due to the four-legged predators.

    I only hope that the police were able to put the fear of God into that woman and that both & her "daughter" get the bad karma they are owed.

    Please know that you and Sierra are in my thoughts as you recover from your ordeal and thank goodness for the happy ending!!!

  5. Smiles are the best and these two are growing up so fast. Happy weekend, XOXO

  6. Cortez' expression reminds me of Clint Eastwood.

  7. Two little cherubs in that last photo!!!

  8. Deb, the kitties are always sweet and Cortez is handsome, BUT those grands, Bradley and Riley are absolutely delightful!


  9. My grandkids and all scattered across the U.S. and I surely do miss them! I love seeing how yours are growing up, and so beautiful. Cortez looks 100% attitude.