Monday, July 28, 2014

Not quite a kitty in a window & more treasures.

How about a kitty in front of a window today?

This might be a new challenge for me.

Anyone know what this flower is called? It popped up in my daughter's garden.

I had another busy day cat-sitting. I am caring for a few kitties in the country and a beautiful black fella here in town.
I also made time to browse the shelves at a thrift shop in the city (Ottawa) and came home with a few treasures.

This covered pottery dish I found will be great for serving a side-dish.

and the cream and sugar bowl fits in nicely.
and I love this little orphan of a bowl that came home with me and can hold fresh market tomatoes.
All these treasures are little pieces of art and signed by each potter.
I spent all of $12.00

Good thing I have a bag only the hulk could carry that is heading to our local thrift store tomorrow.

Remember the motto...
'Surround yourself with things you  LOVE'

"I love you, Sierra, and I'm happy you're home." 

"Love you, too, you little maniac."
These two (Audrey & Sierra) have become such good friends.
Audrey's perseverance paid off.

hugs, Deb


  1. The flower reminds me of a potato flower...but a different colour.
    Jane x

  2. Smiling this morning at Sierra and Audrey and your new pottery finds. All treasures for sure!

  3. Great score at the thrifty shop!
    Love Audrey and Sierra♥️
    Flower reminds me of a Datura...the leaves are the same, but the flower way smaller...
    let us know if you find out!!
    Enjoy your week...
    Still raining here!
    Linda :o)

  4. I never see such amazing pottery at my thrift shops, you are so lucky! I love seeing Sierra and Audrey together and friends! Sweet!

  5. It's good to see Audrey and Sierra friends now. It takes a while sometimes. Maybe my Tungsten will stop growling at Cammie some day...

  6. Deb, the plant looks like a ground cherry.
    They get little green 'tomatoes' inside a papery husk kind of like a miniature tomatillo. In our area they are considered a weed. I've heard that some people make jam with the little fruits. I think they turn yellow when they are ripe.

  7. Here's an address for more information about ground cherries.

  8. Very beautiful ceramics and happy cats!

  9. The cat on the porch looks like Batman! Love the photos of your treasures; ceramic and cat treasures!

  10. ALways love your photos, but the last two are just the sweetest. So glad Sierra is back where she belongs.

  11. The flower looks like a miniature squash flower! Must go look up ground cherries...

  12. Awww...I just love your cats and your love for them :)

  13. Looks like ground cherry. I have grown them in the garden (last year) and also pick them wild. I've made delicious jam with them but you need a lot of them. So let them get a papery husk and then tear the husk in half but leave the yellowy gold cherry attached and put it on a cupcake or a dessert. It looks like an angel's wings on either side. I've had them served to me like that at fancy restaurants! Look great and taste nice.

  14. Even better, try this! Chocolate dipped!

  15. "you little maniac." That's perfect!

    I have a daily hello to a Bengal at the house next to ours. She's usually on the front porch, and she can be quite vocal. Won't come down the steps though.

  16. Cute kitties Deb! Glad you got to visit the store and bring home some fun goodies!

  17. Ground cherries! How fascinating! I had to look them up. Seems you can eat them raw or cook them up into lots off things (pineapple ground cherry crumble on Organic Gardening) and they must be fully ripe to eat. It is a very appealing idea to eat things that are naturally occurring, if I'm saying it right.

  18. P.S. Audrey and Sierra brought tears to my eyes.

  19. Lovely to see Audrey and Sierra loving up, I wish ours would. The only two that tolerate each other are Mummy Polly and Willow, even then poor Willow often get a clout around the head whe Mummy's had enough. ll