Saturday, May 30, 2015

3 favorite photos of 3 favorite cats.

Sierra playing with her feather wand.

Audrey waiting on a moth.

and Annie also known as Peach 
at Christmas

It's been thundering today *BOOM* with down-pours off and on. The gardens can surely use this after a few hot and sunny days in a row. Outside the mouse-house there is a sea of mud where the balance of the construction will take place later this year. We do have grass by the old pump, though, where we can sit under the maple and enjoy a sunny day. It's not much but we are happy to have that.
We are still burning brush and, when done, we will set up a gazebo at the back of the property for sitting outside. The mosquitoes are enormous and will send you running for your life back there so a screened-in area will be a must. We are finishing up the siding on the mouse-house and will soon show you the end result.
She's looking mighty pretty. :) *blush*

hugs, Deb


  1. Good Afternoon! These are great photos. I love each one but the one of Audrey with the lampshade made me giggle! Our sky looks very ominous this afternoon. 5 of my cats are fine with thunder/rain but Magic goes nuts! Can't wait for you to share photos of your home. The gazebo area will be perfect for enjoying the view and a cuppa tea. Have a good evening.

  2. They are absolute adorableness.

    We got some of the same rain earlier. I'm hoping that's done for the day.

  3. I can see how these would be three of your favorites. You really do get some great photos of kitty cats. I look forward to your posts every day. I am excited about seeing the finished mouse house too.

  4. Sweet kitties...I especially love that first photo!, you know I love that name. Wish my Peach would return!

  5. Great photos! At our house, when the thunder booms, while the others may jump... it's Ghost who heads for under the bed. Poor baby - she's spent a lot of time under the bed this last month. And I vote for the screen porch! Mosquitoes are everywhere with all this rain.

  6. I love the photos of your sweet babies. I also thought I would mention some plants I saw on Pinterest that you can put in pots that mosquito's hate. I think it's citronella. Perhaps you can do that to help.

  7. Actually I just looked it up for you because it was bothering me. It's citronella grass and also lemon grass. It is clumping and in was in planters but you could put it in the ground. It grows like 8-10 ft high and they also use it for privacy borders. And they best part is bugs hate it and it's natural. Hope it helps.

    1. Thank you for this. I think it's worth trying.

  8. Lovely photos for sure!
    Such good looking kitties you have!
    Enjoy your evening!
    Linda :o)

  9. Love the photos of your kitties! Such sweeties! I am not a fan of mosquitoes!


  10. Love the pictures of the kitties!
    I think an Audrey lamp could become even more popular than an Elvis lamp.

  11. Your photos are always beautiful Deb but those cat ones are just Especially Beautiful :-) What gorgeous models you have there !!!!

  12. Lovely photos of pretty kitties ! Yes we have had rain all night and now this morning to and boy the winds are strong and chilly . Mosquitoes , mozzies, or skitters we call them are bad here this year but then we do live near the woods a river and a swampy area takes a bit of getting used to them again lol .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  13. Deb, you will love a gazebo, do make it is screened one if possible, you will never regret the extra expense, take my word for it! I'm actually sitting here in mine as I write - early Sunday morning, birds singing, sun shining and not a bug able to sting or bite me!

    Lovely kitty pix - you always take the best ones and your feline friends are so attractive and well-cared for - I love seeing them.

    Happy weekend - hugs Mary

  14. P.S. That's my gazebo in my current header BTW!

    Mary X

  15. Adorable pictures. Don't tell, but I think my favorite is Sierra. She reminds me of a much-loved cat we had named Sassy.

  16. I can see how these would be three of your favorites. You really do get some great funny cat pictures. I look forward to your posts every day