Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Doing good with old rubbish.

It was on her third try that Audrey successfully drew me out of bed this morning. First, she's calm and pats me gently on the face. I always acknowledge her with a cuddle then place her on the floor. Round two is never as nice. She bats me on the head and walks across my chest. I do believe by this time she is wearing army boots. "Five more minutes, monkey." She leaps from the bed to the dresser so she can turn herself around and take a good run for it to land once again on my head. This time she waffs me across the nose. I give up and the day has dawned. Breakfast is served.

                                          "I was hungry."

It was time to load up all our scrap metal and find a place to drop it off. It just so happened that while we were in North Gower yesterday, we drove by a building that had a sign...VILLAGE KITTEN RESCUE and it listed all the items you could drop off there. Metal and steel was on the list. The money from these items would help to feed homeless cats and kittens in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. So............that's where we took it.
A few of these items were found in amongst the old trees.

The owners were friendly and very happy to have the load delivered. It was a win-win situation. One more pile gone from our lot and a few kittens will enjoy a good meal. I'll be passing their name on to others and keep them in mind for the future. Oh yes, I didn't leave without meeting one little black and white guy, 8 weeks old named Max. Adorable. Since they were not supposed to be home when we arrived I didn't bring my camera. Next time.

2345 Perkins Dr.
P.O.Box 430
North Gower, Ont.
K0A 2T0

hugs, Deb


  1. I like how Audrey gives you a chance by starting out nice. At least she tries to be polite...

  2. Audrey, you've got your staff very well trained.

  3. How nice of you to be able to help them. I'll look them up ...

  4. HeHe! Audrey! Audrey! Bless! Look at that photo...
    Butter would'nt melt.....I think she's been watching
    to many violent films...!:). Best stick to Puss in Boots!

  5. Ah, the cat alarm clock. The snooze button on those things never works correctly. We had Amy, who got me up at precisely the same time every morning ... even to the point of recalibrating herself to adapt to time changes in spring and fall.

  6. Kudos to you for supporting the Village Kitten Rescue! Methinks Audrey would be a terrific momma cat to a little youngster....hint hint
    Our cat alarm clock just meows from the other room..quiet enough to be sweet, loud enough to break one out of a deep sleep!

  7. A big smile on my face when i read about that lovely Audrey .She behave just like my Mikki. She is the Queen of our house and i think Audrey is a sweet little Queen to ,and ohhh she is so beautifull .I hope it all works out good for the Kittie Resque

  8. Oooooh, LOOOOVE this story.

  9. One of the many things I miss since our cats passed away. The cat alarm clock!

  10. My Badger is not as playful. She will come up and snuggle next to me in bed but wont jump on me, lol.

  11. Such a good cause. Well done to you and your husband!

    Madelief x

  12. What a great rescue....glad you found it!

    Audrey! She really is something! Our cats have prowled all night and come in around dawn and snuggle in for a day's sleep. Occasionally I'll get a head nudge in my cheek before they settle. I think they're just saying, "Hi, I'm home!" before drifting off to sleep. lol....

  13. I wonder if our cats have secretly watched the wake up video from Simon's Cats.
    I am a bit surprised that you didn't come home with the 8 week old kitten in your pocket!

  14. Funny. We have a cat alarm clock also. Rose howls at the top of her lungs off and on during the early hours. If we ignore her (which we do), she will then run across the bed at a very fast pace (and will do this several times) finalizing in *blind rattling*... where she bats at the wood blinds on the window... until we get up. If we didn't love our cats so, I'd imagine this behavior would be aggravating, but truth be told, by the time she gets to the blind rattling, we're laughing. I think Audrey has a much more gentle approach.

  15. Audrey sounds so much like Charlie! He does not take NO in the morning! Love that your donation will help cats and also help clean up your place. Win Win for sure!

  16. Get up , get up I am hungry she say's lol ! I feed my animals just before our supper time ant at 5pm I get the look and both are surrounding me the cat Harley gets spunky and our dog Miggs groans lol . Lovely idea of the Village Kitten Rescue to take scrap metal and make the means from that to feed the stray kitties definitely a win win situation for you ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  17. A match made in heaven for you! Rid of the scrap and saving cats. I wish someone would start that in my area. The thing to do with Audrey is train her to wait until she hears you up in the morning. Bwahahaha.

  18. Dearest Deb,
    That was very considerate of you both! Oh sure we got such living alarm clocks too. They do that on purpose I know for sure. But it's also sweet most of the time.
    Sending you hugs,

  19. Audrey is such a polite kitty! But persistent! How cool that your scrap metal can be turned into money to help the village kittens without homes.

  20. That's why my husband keeps our bedroom door closed . . . haha! But she starts whining as soon as the door is opened to be fed, and then to have lap time with me and my coffee every morning!
    What a good idea for your scrap metal.
    I've missed a couple of your posts, Deb. It sure is starting to look like spring there. I love the tree stump/birdhouse, and your fairy garden for Riley!