Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Happy Mother's Day"

It is a sad time for our family this weekend with the passing of my dear mother-in-law but I cannot let Mother's Day pass without a tribute to my own mom who left us almost 18 years ago.

This photo hangs in the mouse-house at the top of the stairs.
It has always been a favorite of mine because my mom could never pass by a cat or kitten
without giving it a snuggle.
She is only 21 in this photo and is standing at the end of the driveway where we now call 'Home'.

Even as a farm-girl she wore dainty little shoes.

Family was everything to her and she was always proud of her three children.

This was one of her favorite photos of me with my own three kids.

We were travelling to the east coast at the time.

She adored her grand-children and they loved her. I only wish she had lived to see them all grown up.
John Jess & Allie

Her three sisters were her best friends.
My Aunt Francis on the right is the only remaining sister and she celebrated her 93rd birthday this year.
She misses my mom every day.

Vera, my mom & Francis
Their maiden name was FOX so of course they were known as the 'Foxy ladies'. :)
They always had a laugh over that.
With Mary Fox, their mother, my grand-mother, who's land we now live on.

If I was to pick one quote from my mother that has stuck with me all my life it's this...
"If you are going to take time to do something then do it right the first time."
It sounds rather condescending but she always said it with a grin on her face. :) It made me laugh. She hated to see precious time wasted. She was a perfectionist and it showed in work and her home. She was the most amazing cook and baker. I treasure all her recipes.

My favorite memory of me and my mom...Because she worked outside the home, I remember after school, age 8, 9 & 10, heading over to the bus-stop to meet her bus so we could have time to talk about our day while we walked home together. It was our special time. She loved it as much as I did.

So, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I hope you are enjoying life amongst the daisies in heaven. I love that I am now living where you lived as a young girl and soon the field will be filled with beautiful Spring flowers. I know that was your favorite time here."
 I love you and miss you everyday.

hugs, Deb 


  1. Lovely! Lovely Tribute...!
    Family is the most important thing in life!
    Especially to us Sicilians...And, it's nice
    to hear or read of families being close, not
    forgetting the pussy~cats of course!

    When l was born, my Mum thought she was going
    to have a girl, as Sicilian Mums, think they the the
    sex of the baby before hand..HaHa! I came along!
    So for the first 12~14 months l, still
    do. :>).
    Did'nt have a cot..Had a crib/basket...Moses basket...
    When my Mum put me to sleep, in crept a white fluffy
    cat, that always slept with me, kept me warm...Kitty!
    When, later, l found out about this, l was worried that
    Mum, would sail down the river, good job she never called
    me Moses! :>).

    God bless you and your lovely family, and sharing Deb...
    Thankyou! And happy Mothers day on Sunday!

  2. Last evening I was viewing some of the family photos we have posted on our family FB site. Those of my Mother in her early 20's are so like your first photo in hair style and dress--they must have been of the same era. A lovely tribute.

  3. What a lovely tribute, to you mother, your aunts, and to yourself, and to your children. Obviously a legacy of hard-work and love for each other and for the animals in the world; something to cherish. Am sure the retired guy is finding the timing of his mother's passing a bit hard, with all the Happy Mother's Day sales and advertising right now. Best wishes to you all.

  4. Lovely tribute. Have a very Happy Mothers Day.

  5. Sweet post Deb! I am blessed to still have my Mom here and I treasure each day with her.

  6. A wonderful tribute to your mother. Mine's been gone two years now. No matter how long they're gone, we don't stop missing them.

  7. Really nice post, Deb. My mom left us in 2008... at 94. It's still hard to believe she's gone. But luck would have it, we still have DH's mom... and she's 97 and going strong.

  8. Dear Deb, what a sweet post about your Mother. You've brought tears to my eyes. I can see why that first picture is your favorite, she is adorable and holding a kitten. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. You have beautiful children. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you, and to all the mothers who came before you. Thank you for sharing your mother and your memories with us.

  10. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Very precious. It is a beautiful tribute.


  11. Beautiful tribute to your Mother. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  12. Your mother was so beautiful and I LOVE that she loved cats -- no wonder that apple didn't fall far from the tree. I miss my mom (37 years) to this very day and will be doing the same tribute for Mothers Day, remembering her. Lovely.

  13. How beautiful! I loved reading this! Your mother was a movie star!
    I'm glad you have happy memories of her. I love that you are building on that same property, fun!

  14. Oh what a sweet post ! Thank-you for making my heart glad. You are so blessed to have had such a mother, and she to have had you as a daughter.

  15. Love the memories of your Mom. My Mom worked outside the home too so the time we had together was very precious. I am blessed to still have her.

  16. My condolences on your mother-in-law's passing. I lost my own mother at age 59, much too young. My maternal grandmother was only in her early 70's, emphysema. I miss them terribly. My dad passed at age 72, brain tumor. I, unfortunately, have bad genes as far as long life goes. It sounds like you will live to be a very ripe old age, which is a good thing!
    Again, so very sorry and please pass this along to your husband.
    Thinking of your family,
    Glenda Campbell
    Winfield, KS

  17. Beautiful memories to treasure...

  18. Lovely post, Deb. My mum has end stage Alzheimer's , as you know. The current situation is creating such strong memories that I must work hard
    to remember the happy memories of the past.
    Hope you have a wonderful day or as much so as possible with your mother in law's recent passing.

  19. Oh Deb....we do miss our Moms!
    Nearly 18 years for me too.....sigh....
    Hope your sad weekend went know what I mean...hugs...
    Linda :o)

  20. Dearest Deb,
    How incredible genetics can be carried over if we look at the 1st photo where your dear Mom is cuddling that kitten. You too love cats so it's all handed down with love.
    Yes, today was a kind of bitter-sweet day for me as well; first Mother's Day with Mom in heaven... Fond memories and we did learn so much from our dear mothers!
    Hugs to you,

  21. Hello Deb, a lovely tribute to the Moms in your life.. I am so sorry for the loss of your MIL. My prayer go out to you and your family.. Lovely photos of your beautiful family. Happy belated Mother's Day.. Enjoy your week!

  22. What a beautiful tribute to your mum and your aunts and grandmother.

  23. Your Mom was absolutely beautiful and this was such a sweet tribute to her. I offer my sympathy in the passing of your MIL. You have lovely children and I hope your day was very special. I appreciate you catching up with me again. Hope you'll visit when you have the time.

  24. Such wonderful memories. They are so important after the person we love is physically gone. I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. (P.S. I do love that photo with your lovely, slender mother and the cat - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)