Friday, May 29, 2015

Visitors who demand tummy-rubs.

I had a visitor today.
  Dave came by for a tummy-rub.
Silly 'ol goon.
It was one of those days today that you dream about in the dead of winter.
(Something loves an apple at night. Still a mystery to me. :)

The squirrels must have planted some sunflower seeds in my pansies.
I'll have to move those.
I did some weeding at the old pump.
It sure needed it.
Kane was hot and headed back to the cool garage.

And, I prettied up the old out-house.

Dave spotted Kane so he got up and headed home.
I'm afraid I'd fear for Kane more than this big, healthy cat.

Hope you had some time today to play in the weeds. :))

hugs, Deb


  1. Dave is one large cat! Kane is looking good, Deb. Have a great weekend. Jo.

  2. Dave's a cutie. I guess he doesn't know Kane's quite used to cats.

  3. Dave is quite the character! Wonder what/who likes the apple?

  4. Dave is a great neighbor isn't he!! Poor Kane, I think that cat would give him a run for it. Lovely weather and a great looking outhouse!

  5. Your place gets prettier every day. Love the wreath on the old outhouse. Just wondering if the old pump really pumps water. It's so pretty.

  6. I still laugh that you named him Davie without knowing his name. :)
    I played in the dirt again, felt great!

  7. Dave sure looks comfy! Nice to see Kane enjoying nice weather. Your out house is cute as can be. I saw several outhouse birdhouses today at the store. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Dave is a great neighbor and he knows a good thing when he sees it ... belly rubs are here!

  9. Dave is gorgeous! As is the privy, LOL!

  10. I had one of those days a few weeks ago-flowers blooming,birds chirping, nice breeze, temp/humidty perfect-a day that one waits for all winter. Sheer joy. Hope You havemore, you had a l o n g winter.

  11. What a picturesque privy! I wonder if the folks that built it years ago ever thought that people would be saying that about their "structure".
    Love that Dave. There's just something so satisfying petting a big , full bodied kitty.

  12. Dave is a pretty boy and I hope he gets lots of belly rubs. I like the outhouse! I've actually had to use those when I was a youngster, but no one ever prettied it up.
    Have a nice weekend!